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Winston-Salem teacher assaulted by Parkland High School student identified as social studies teacher


The North Carolina Beat has identified the North Carolina High School teacher who was assaulted on video by a Parkland High School student, Aquavious ‘Quavo’ Hickman. In the video, the teacher remained composed as Hickman reportedly slapped her twice.

Forsyth County School Superintendent Tricia McManus commended the teacher for her remarkable composure, describing her response as calm in the face of a distressing incident.

Who is the Parkland High School teacher slapped by student?

The teacher in question has been identified as Marina Burton, who teaches social studies at Parkland High School in North Carolina. According to her LinkedIn profile and the school’s website, Burton has been teaching at the high school since January 2020.

Marina Burton was assaulted by a student, Aquavious Hickman, at Parkland High School.

The incident unfolded on Monday, April 15, and was deemed “inappropriate and unsettling” by school officials, which sparked an investigation by the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office.

Who slapped Parkland High School teacher?

The student, first identified by The North Carolina Beat as AquaviousQuavo’ Hickman, faces charges including communicating threats and assault on a government official.

Aquavious 'Quavo' Hickman
Aquavious ‘Quavo’ Hickman

In the video, the student can be seen provocatively asking the teacher if she wants to be hit again before delivering the second slap that caused her glasses to fall off. As the investigation unfolds, details remain scarce due to the student’s status as a juvenile.

Aquavious 'Quavo' Hickman
Aquavious ‘Quavo’ Hickman

On April 16, a juvenile judge issued a secure custody order, which means that Hickman will be held in a juvenile detention facility until further notice.



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