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South Carolina woman arrested for having sex with 14-year-old boy, faces up to 20 years in prison


A South Carolina woman was arrested on Wednesday and charged in connection with allegedly having sex with a 14-year-old boy. The incident was reportedly filmed by the minor child.

The scandal has taken social media by storm, with screenshots of text messages revealing a messy situation. The woman in question, 45-year-old Keechie Whisonant, is said to have a child the same age as the boy she’s accused of engaging in sexual activities with. Gossip girl Mykerria Peeler didn’t hold back, calling out Whisonant on Facebook and sharing incriminating messages.

On Wednesday, the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office arrested Whisonant and charged her with the felony of second-degree sexual conduct with a minor (11-14 years old).

Keechie Whisonant
Keechie Whisonant

Despite Whisonant’s attempt to shift blame onto the teenager, claiming he forced her, the viral post has sent her into hiding.

According to the text messages posted by Peeler, a cousin of Whisonant sent her a message on Facebook informing her that the boy had a video of her engaging in sexual activity with him and that he was sending the video to “everyone.”

In response, Whisonant allegedly said the boy, whom she referred to as a “lil mf” had come to her home to play video games with her son. She claimed that when she got out of the shower, “that lil mf came in my room and held me down, and I couldn’t move.” She said that her son was outside when the 14-year-old boy allegedly made his move on her.

“I’m old enough to be his mama, wtf I look like having sex with him,” Whisonant allegedly said in the message.

Video allegedly shows Keechie Whisonant on top of a 14-year-old boy having sex with him

According to the messages, the cousin responds to Whisonant, stating that the video depicts her on top, while the 14-year-old was allegedly underneath her as she could allegedly be seen “bouncing up and down” on the minor child.

In her response, Whisonant allegedly thanked her cousin for informing her and then stated, “I didn’t even know the mf took a video…he had me pinned down so I had no clue the mf was taking a video.”

Apparently, Whisonant missed the part where her cousin told her that the video showed her on top…but according to Whisonant, she is going to have the 14-year-old put in jail before she’s put in jail. It appears that she is trying to divert attention by claiming she was raped after being caught on video with the underage boy.

In other messages, Whisonant was asked why she didn’t go to the police after the 14-year-old boy allegedly raped her. She told the person because she didn’t want her son to be taken away from her and that it was her worse fear.



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