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WATCH: Mother goes live on Instagram bloody after killing her daughter and stabbing her son


Y’all come on up in here and look at this because this is a damn shame. I don’t understand why the children always have to be the victim when grown-a*s people can’t work out their problems with each other. I honestly feel like if you take a child’s life, yours should be taken too, PERIOD!

An unfit New Orleans mother was arrested Sunday morning after she allegedly stabbed two of her children, killing her 4-year-old daughter, Paris Roberts. The woman’s 2-year-old son lived, but he is in the hospital in critical condition. The stabbings happened around 11:15 in the 3100 block of Law Street, near Louisia Street, according to WWLTV.

4-year-old Paris Roberts and her 2-year-old brother.

In a disturbing now-deleted video posted to Instagram, the mother, 31-year-old Janee Pedescleaux, had blood dripping down her chest, saying, “I’m done. My children are dead. I’m done. I’m done with life.” The video was taken moments after the stabbing. Later in the video, Pedescleaux says, “It’s all Jermaine’s fault.”

31-year-old Janee Pedescleaux

According to court documents, Jermaine Roberts is the father of the two children and has been in a legal battle over the custody of their children, seeking joint custody that would allow him to see the children on the weekends.

Records said that Roberts sued Pedescleaux, claiming that Pedescleaux was not letting him see the children and that she was “not stable or providing a healthy environment for the kids.”



Police arrested Pedescleaux for second-degree murder, attempted murder and second-degree cruelty to a juvenile. 

Not all women, but it’s sad that some women hate being moms if a man is not present. 

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  1. Sad, get on with them fake tears. It’s always the KIDS that catch the wrath when 2 parents can’t seem to get along. Sick of people using kids as pawns. You can’t make a man or a woman stay with you. We need to stop killing the kids. I’m SICK OF IT. Anybody who takes a kids life shouldn’t be breathing either.

  2. Its not about them hating to be moms if the man is not present its about the man not wanting them anymore its about using kids as pawns and using the kids to make the fathers life as miserable as possible.
    It is so sickening to see these dogs be blessed with the full ability to conceive carry full term and deliver in one way or another a little bitty life that is hoping to grow up one day and be great to make said dog proud only to have that all taken away before they can even spell great before they can fully understand what great means. I know “God makes no mistakes” and we are taught not to question God but if he knows all then why would he give children to parents that will eventually kill them? Why would he even give them the ability to procreate knowing what is going to happen and barren the womb of women who would have been great loving nurturing outstanding mothers?

  3. I abhor the fact that literally anyone can become a parent should they feel like it. I wish parenting was more regulated. Undergoing intense psychological evaluations before being allowed to care for a human life.

    People will say this sounds crazy, but what’s crazier to me is being okay with the amount of “children stabbed to death by mother” headlines flooding the news every damn day. The actual f#$* is wrong with people and why is this so normal. Disgusting…


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