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Johnston County man arrested after his son’s backpack had 1.6 pounds of marijuana at Cleveland Elementary School


A 33-year-old father from Johnston County, North Carolina, Calvin Carter, has been accused and charged with felony offenses after allegedly leaving marijuana in his son’s school bag.

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The incident led to Carter’s arrest on the premises of Cleveland Elementary School. Law enforcement officials reported that the son’s backpack contained 1.6 pounds of marijuana.

Cleveland Elementary School located in Clayton, North Carolina

The charges against Carter were initiated following the review of school surveillance footage, which depicted Carter escorting his son into the school on Wednesday morning and providing him with a backpack. Subsequently, school staff discovered suspected marijuana within the backpack and promptly notified the school resource officer.

Carter is facing charges related to the sale and distribution of marijuana, including possession with intent to distribute near a school.

He was granted a $70,000 secured bond, which he has since posted.


  1. Kids get into everything they find everything not everyone is able to keep up with kids doing crazy stuff and putting it in his backpack the father has nothing to do with it


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