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Henderson N.C. police refuse to give family back car their 16-year-old daughter was killed in


A Henderson, North Carolina family is raising their voices against the Henderson Police Department for withholding the car in which their 16-year-old daughter tragically lost her life.

Krystal Gray
Krystal Gray

In a recent conversation, Shiela Gray, the mother of Krystal Gray, who was discovered shot dead in their silver Acura SUV in December 2022, expressed frustration that the car, which served as their sole means of transportation, has not been returned to them.

According to Shiela, the vehicle is currently held at Fred’s Towing and Transport, leaving the family without transportation.

“We got it December 3rd. She died in it December 17th,” Shiela told WRAL News.

Shiela shared with the media that their trusty silver Acura SUV was their sole mode of transportation. She mentioned that for several months, her family had been depending on the kindness of relatives and friends to get around.

“My brother took us, my neighbor took us, [and] there were different people we had to pay,” she said.

Henderson Police Department will keep car Krystal Gray was found shot dead in

The Gray family’s car has been at Fred’s Towing  since December 2022. Despite months of investigation, the Grays informed WRAL that they contacted Henderson Police in the hopes of retrieving their vehicle. They mentioned to the outlet that the police did not provide them with a specific timeline for its return.

Henderson police released the following statement to the news outlet: “The vehicle that Krystal Gray was in at the time of the incident became our focus and primary source of evidence,” the statement read.” The vehicle was processed by our agency for the collection and preservation of evidence, but procedures given to us by our prosecutor’s office have us maintaining custody of the vehicle for future court proceedings.”

Their primary concern revolves around their daughter’s case, and they hold the belief that it will never be solved.

“My baby died in that car,” Shiela said. “We want it. Even if we don’t drive it, we want it.”

Authorities reported that Krystal was discovered parked near a playground at the corner of Montgomery and College Street.


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