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Former Gastonia North Carolina cop accused of trafficking fentanyl, sent suspect’s warrant information


Former Gastonia, North Carolina cop accused of trafficking fentanyl 

A former Gastonia police officer has been arrested and charged in connection with a fentanyl trafficking conspiracy, according to authorities.

The cop has been identified as Xana Dajanae Dove, 26, who was employed at the Gastonia Police Department for 17 months. Court documents accuse Dove of using her position as a police officer to access confidential computer systems and send information about arrest and search warrants to suspects.

Xana Dajanae Dove
Xana Dajanae Dove

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Dove is also charged with trafficking fentanyl, a lethal opiate drug, and instructing someone on how to deceive a polygraph test.

Prosecutors say former Gastonia North Carolina cop first became a suspect after she gave a confidential informant a photo only law enforcement should have 

According to prosecutors, Dove first became a suspect after a confidential informant provided a photo of information thatonly law enforcement should have .

District Attorney Travis Page stated that during the investigation, authorities discovered that the photo originated from Dove.

“She accessed government databases, including CJ Leads, to run record checks, check tag information, and provide contact information to at least 12 individuals… From her personal cell phone we were able to learn that she was involved in some drug trafficking activities,” Page said.

“In one conversation there was a text message back to the defendant that said, ‘These pills aren’t strong enough. Theyneed to be stronger,” Page added.

Former Gastonia North Carolina cop admitted that she obtained firearms by using law enforcement position

 Page stated that Dove admitted during an interview with investigators that she had also used her badge to easily obtain firearms.

She reportedly told investigators that she was unaware she was committing a crime.

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“When I was sending out the information, I didn’t know it was illegal, that’s why I have so many charges,” Dove said.“The one time I was paid, I wasn’t actually being paid, it was from my aunt. She just basically gave me some money because she’s a lawyer. I was just running a background check on people she was trying to represent.”

Xana Dajanae Dove

Investigators have charged Dove with 15 counts of unauthorized access to a government computer, one count of obstruction of justice, conspiracy to sell marijuana, conspiracy to purchase a stolen motor vehicle, possession with intent to sell and deliver marijuana, and conspiracy to deliver marijuana. Additionally, Dove faces four counts of conspiracy and eight counts of trafficking opiates.

She is facing a total of 32 felony charges.

She is out on a $1.5 million bond.


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