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Federal judge in New York orders fake pastor Lamor Whitehead to be jailed for violating bond conditions


‘Bling-Bling’ phony preacher Lamor Whitehead has been thrown behind bars by a federal judge on Monday for deliberately breaking the terms of his release.

If you’re not familiar with Whitehead, he’s the fraudulent self-proclaimed bishop who got robbed during a church service in July 2022. It later came to light that he was a con artist and a cheat – someone who always boasted about being tight with New York Mayor, Eric Adams.

Whitehead was initially arrested in December 2022 and was let out after putting up a $500,000 bond. One of the stipulations was that he couldn’t commit any new crimes or contact victims or witnesses.

In a legal saga filled with twists and turns, the court issued a Protective Order in Whitehead’s case on December 30, 2022, to regulate the discovery process. Despite having previously agreed to the terms, Whitehead brazenly flouted the order, leading federal prosecutors to emphasize its confidential nature.

Fast forward to March 7, 2023, Whitehead found himself facing a five-count Superseding Indictment, including charges of wire fraud, attempted extortion, and making false statements to the FBI. By March 2024, a federal jury had rendered a guilty verdict against the phony pastor for misappropriating a parishioner’s retirement funds and attempting to extort a businessman by name-dropping connections to the New York City mayor.

During the trial, prosecutors painted a picture of Whitehead’s volatile behavior, highlighting his penchant for making threats with alarming frequency and ease. Jurors were the defendant’s menacing remarks towards individuals like Pauline and Rasheed Anderson, as well as his extortion-related threats against Brandon Belmonte.

After Whitehead’s conviction, the federal judge in charge decided to let him stick to his original bond terms until his sentencing on July 1. However, a recent whirlwind social media blitz by the fraudulent felon has swiftly sent him back behind bars awaiting his sentencing.

Why did Bishop Lamor Whitehead get locked up again?

In a recent escapade of defiance, Whitehead has been making the rounds on a media blitz, stirring up trouble and crossing the line by breaching the court’s Protective Order. Federal prosecutors are up in arms over his latest antics, particularly his appearance on the “Jamal Bryant Podcast: Let’s Be Clear” where he dismissed Rasheed Anderson as a disgruntled ex-ministry member and alleged that Pauline Anderson’s fraud accusation was a setup by the FBI. According to Whitehead, the FBI concocted a scheme to frame him because they had nothing substantial on him.

Not content with just one controversy, Whitehead took to YouTube on April 30, 2024, with a video titled “Fight for Justice: Bishop Whitehead Exposes Alleged FBI Misconduct.” 

Exhibit provided by prosecutors
Exhibit provided by prosecutors

During the video, Whitehead proudly brandished various court documents that were supposed to be under wraps due to the Protective Order. Prosecutors were quick to point out that for a good chunk of the video, Whitehead delved into FBI 302 reports detailing interviews with his victims, blatantly disregarding the legal boundaries set by the court.

Whitehead proudly displayed a variety of official papers, including search warrants and law enforcement documents, in his video. Prosecutors claimed that these items were confidential “Sealed Material.” They argued that Whitehead’s actions and comments in the video indicated his awareness that the documents should not have been shared. As he dramatically brandished one of the documents, he seemed to acknowledge its sensitive nature.

“The jury could not get this at all. You guys could not get this at all. This is exclusive paperwork. And all of this paperwork, we will have it on the Patreon, Bishop’s Patreon, where you can go on and you’ll be able to see the paperwork. So what I’m showing you, the media—not the Daily News, not the New York Times, not NBC, not CBS, not World News, not CNN—nobody has this paperwork. And this paperwork is going to be the reason why this case will be reversed and overturned, right? And you guys have been destroying my life because the jury was not able to see this paperwork.”

Lamor Whithead will remain in federal custody until his sentencing on July 1.


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  1. Being a known scammer con artist and extortionist he should have been swiftly whisked off to jail until sentencing so he would not have a chance to pull another quick scam to gain the funds to support himself while locked up.


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