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Former employee of Rophe of the Carolinas in Wilmington, NC was captured on video using the “N” word


Gossip has it that a woman from Wilmington, NC, known as a Karen, was caught on camera dropping the “N” word, causing quite a stir among the public.

The video initially surfaced on Lilly Gaddis’ TikTok, but after facing a wave of criticism, she swiftly removed it. However, before she could do so, someone managed to snag it and share it across social media platforms.

Whispers on the digital grapevine suggest that Gaddis was an employee with Rophe of the Carolinas in Wilmington, as her now-deactivated LinkedIn profile listed her as a Business Development, Marketing, and Sales Manager at the company.

Recently, Rophe issued a statement about Gaddis’s dismissal, mentioning that the owners are of African-American and immigrant descent.

Rophe of the Carolinas released statement.
Rophe of the Carolinas released statement.

In the video, Gaddis appears to be preparing a dish. Additionally, she engages in a dialogue with her camera, initially discussing something about outside a nightclub where she mentions getting opinions from individuals she derogatorily referred to as “dumb who*es” and “immigrants seeking a green card.”

“Yes, they are probably gold diggers but that’s the exception”, I’m the rule, Gaddis said in her racist filled rant.

Gaddis then said that everyone she knew was married to “broke a** ni**as” and that she, along with others, don’t care about black men’s money.

“I can care less about your fuc*ing money, okay!” Gaddis said.

In another video, Gaddis admitted that the video above is her and that it “may have upset members of a certain community.” She mentioned that the backlash she has received prompted her to engage in a “deep dive” and “soul search.”

“And after all that, I still couldn’t find a care,” Gaddis said at the end of the video.




  1. Wait, seems like she doesn’t care because her husband is the bread winner. How about we figure out where he works…after all he did marry her.

    • Nah, come on now. Regardless of her ignorance, I am not trying to put that energy into the universe by taking away a family’s financial support. I am not trying to wish homelessness and starvation on anyone.

  2. The “Trad” (Traditional) and Christian values my parents raised me with, and expected me to exhibit, have stayed with me for 60 years. They include treating and speaking about people with respect. Respect includes not only using Sir, Ma’am, thank you, you’re welcome in conversation; but, also never speaking (within the family, and most certainly in public) about other people using vile or derogatory terms, slang and names – especially based on race, religion, sex/gender. Doing so reflects poorly on the speaker, their intellect and education, upbringing and family, integrity and morality, and most especially their judgment.

    As most our parents said to us regarding any number of topics, the fact that others do stupid things is never an acceptable reason or excuse. The fact that she did not apologize (which would cost her nothing) and “did not have a care” about having used that language, simply confirms what kind of person she has chosen to be, sadly. And, this all confirms she’s not being very smart – she could have posted the vid, retained employment, avoided the drama, and exhibited values more closely associated with the cross she’s seen wearing, by simply not adding those irrelevant and offensive terms and instead focusing on the point of the post. It’s not that hard.

  3. Imagine putting this much time and energy into this rage baiting woman that’s not even worth-while. Ya’ll prove the how pathetic you are by doxxing and getting her fired over a single word.. The most fickle, feeble kind of community out there.

    • A single word!?!? If ur as nonchalant about this word u probably use it when no one’s there to teach u a lesson. That’s what people are doing when we get them fired TEACHING A LESSON to not be a fkn racist piece of shi.

    • Wasn’t just a word, calling people wh*res and green card seekers, the other video about nerds, is just disgusting. Like kids aren’t dying over bullying like this. She is getting her 15 minutes of fame but honestly how is it going to look in 10 years? What is she going to do to kids that she has if they are smart and not the “cool” kid?

  4. Honestly everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Even though some people’s opinions are full of Bull💩. And a certain community…….. Your karma is going to hit hard Betty Lou.

  5. i hope when she gets fired and her life becomes even more miserable, any racist, homophobic, transphobic or any kind of hateful ignorant people will understand that having this kind of behaviour behind their phone doesn’t guarantee them immunity they will always have consequences now. like how are we in 2024 in 21 century and there’s still people like this

  6. I heard she was fired from her job at Rolphe of the Carolinas because of her nasty behavior. Would not want someone like her anywhere near a compassionate health service, so I hope it’s true. I guess it makes sense that a Liberty grad would be stoking controversy to generate content, they’re not known for being very bright. Sure, she’s getting engagement now..but what happens in 6 months when all the right wing rags get tired of her and move onto the next copy and pasted idiot bimbo. And what happens when folks “from a certain community” run into her in person, will she have the same energy? Will she take the Rittenhouse route of abusing our constitutional rights in order to stoke division and hate? I am glad I am also to express my first amendment right by calling her a piece of hateful garbage who will certainly live the life she deserves. She also needs to stop applying blush all over her face. Unless she’s naturally pinkish red like that?


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