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Columbus County Sheriff resigns from NC Sheriff Association, NAACP calls for complete resignation


A North Carolina sheriff who is not worthy of taking a dog to the dog pound, let alone sit in a high position and call himself a sheriff, has resigned from the North Carolina Sheriff’s Association.

Columbus County Sheriff Jody Greene, a racist who was exposed for it earlier this week, has resigned from N.C. Sheriff’s Association after the walls have started closing in on him about racial comments he made about his black staff.

Sheriff Jody Greene

The “I’m sick of these black bastards” sheriff said that his opponent Jason Soles, who released the recording, is slinging mud and should have released it back when he said the comments in 2019.

I agree with the sheriff on that point. Maybe Soles was using this to get a landslide victory into the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office if he did decide to run at some point. Well, his run has come, and the three-year-old recording of good ol boy Greene is out.

Greene is also under investigation by the State Bureau of Investigation for obstruction of justice.

The North Carolina Sheriff’s Association said they met to discuss Greene’s comments. After hearing about the meeting, Greene immediately resigned.

The NCSA says, “The North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association (the Association), representing all 100 sheriffs in our state, is aware of racially-charged comments allegedly made by Columbus County Sheriff Jody Greene that shock the conscience. The comments made on the recording are inflammatory, racially derogatory, insulting, and offensive.”

The call of Greene was obtained by WECT, who was given the call by Greene’s current opponent, Soles.

Greene was speaking about Lewis Hatcher, Columbus County’s first-ever African American sheriff, and was suing to be reinstated until disputes about the election’s outcome could be resolved.

Lewis Hatcher

The acting sheriff at the time, Captain Jason Soles, said he started recording a late night conversation with Greene after Greene started using racially charged language saying, among other things, “I’m sick of it. I’m sick of these Black bastards. I’m going to clean house and be done with it. And we’ll start from there.”

The NC NAACP released a statement calling for Greene’s resignation:

On Wednesday, September 28, WECT News 6 published horrifying recordings of Columbus County Sheriff Jody Greene making racist comments about Black residents. In response, President Deborah Dicks Maxwell of the North Carolina State Conference of the NAACP, and Curtis Hill, President of the Columbus County Branch of the NAACP, made the following joint statement:

“Sheriff Jody Greene must resign. His language is divisive, nasty, and offensive — his words are disparaging and hurtful to people of color. His actions have cast a cloud over his ability to execute the office with impartiality.

“Our leaders in law enforcement should be held to high moral standards. The NAACP, as a member of the Governors’ Task Force on Racial Equity in Criminal Justice, knows these biased and prejudicial statements have no place in law enforcement. We call on other members of law enforcement, county leaders, and all who call Columbus County home to reject the sentiments expressed in these statements.

“Columbus County, and in particular its Black residents, deserve better. We deserve accountability. To restore dignity and confidence in the office of the Columbus County Sheriff, we demand a thorough investigation of all activities conducted by this office since the beginning of Sheriff Greene’s tenure, by all relevant authorities — including the State Board of Investigation and the federal government.

“This is a moment for us to join together in solidarity and strengthen our community against those who would seek to split us apart. The NAACP will continue to speak truth to power alongside our Columbus County neighbors until justice is served.”

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