Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Charlotte rapper 10Cellphones arrested for concealed weapon and domestic violence charges


Word On The Curb…A Charlotte rapper, known as 10Cellphones, has been arrested once again on charges related to domestic violence and possession of a firearm.

10Cellphones, whose real name is Farran Harrison, was taken into custody on Wednesday following an encounter with undercover police officers at the Charlotte Premium Outlets.

The officers, who were aware of an outstanding arrest warrant for Harrison, attempted to detain him, but he resisted and attempted to flee on foot. After a physical struggle, Harrison was apprehended, and a firearm was discovered in his possession.

He now faces charges of domestic violence, carrying a concealed weapon, and resisting arrest.

Harrison, who has a significant online following, was previously arrested in April after law enforcement discovered grenades, ammunition, and a substantial quantity of marijuana in his Uptown apartment. Detectives also noted that he had allegedly posted threatening videos online, targeting police vehicles.

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