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BUSTED!!! North Carolina woman caught pretending another woman’s 8-month-old daughter was her own


Markuiria Tate says another woman had taken her daughter’s pictures and falsely claimed that the child was her own. 

Images of Amoura, whom Brianna Koski falsely claimed as her own child.
Images of Amoura, whom Brianna Koski Turunen falsely claimed as her own child.

A mother from North Carolina received a surprising message on Facebook from someone claiming that another woman had been using her 8-month-old daughter’s photos to deceive people into giving her baby clothes and money.

Markuiria Tate shared with The North Carolina Beat that a friend of Brianna Koski Turunen from Wadesboro had reached out to her to inform her about Brianna’s deceitful actions. Although Tate didn’t know Brianna personally, she later discovered that Brianna had recently started following her on Facebook and had been showing a lot of interest in her posts since May 2023.

Markuiria Tate
Markuiria Tate, mother of Amoura
Amoura and her mommy, Markuiria Tate
Amoura and her mommy, Markuiria Tate

Tate, who is a content creator and makeup artist, initially thought that Brianna was interested in getting her makeup done, given her engagement with Tate’s makeup-related posts. However, it turned out that Brianna had ulterior motives and wanted pictures of Tate’s 8-month-old daughter, Amoura, for reasons unknown.

On a different Facebook profile, Brianna goes by the name "Bre FbJail" and shared some fabricated pregnancy photos.
On a different Facebook profile, Brianna goes by the name “Bre FbJail” and shared some fabricated pregnancy photos.

Instead of resorting to legs in the ceiling and bussin it down to have a child of her own, Brianna thought it would be acceptable to use another mother’s child as a pawn for her scamming ways.

Brianna Koski Turunen
Brianna Koski Turunen

Not only did a friend of Brianna reach out to Tate, but other women also informed her that Brianna, under the Facebook page name ‘Karii Karii’ (which has since been deactivated), had attempted the same deceitful scheme.

One woman named Margaret Mooney messaged Tate on a Friday evening to reveal that Brianna Koski Turunen had been using Tate’s child’s pictures as her own. 

Margaret Mooney Facebook messages to Tate.
Margaret Mooney Facebook messages to Tate.

Another friend of Brianna, Layna, who is no longer on good terms with her, also contacted Tate to express her concerns. Layna disclosed that she had asked a friend to reach out to Tate because she was worried, and confirmed that Brianna had been using Tate’s daughter’s photos.

Brianna Koski Turunen told her friend that Markuiria Tate signed her parental rights to her.

In the screenshot, Layna informed Tate that she had asked Brianna if she knew Tate, and Brianna had responded by saying that she and Tate were related and that Tate had given up her parental rights.

“I logged her to her facebook just snooping found your page since your baby & got sick to my stomach knowing that she been lying to me,” Layna told Tate in a Facebook message.

Layna Facebook message to Tate.
Layna Facebook message to Tate.

We contacted Brianna on Sunday night for comment, but she was at work and said she would call us back because she was tired of people “lying on her name.”

However, she never returned our call before this story was published.


  1. It’s one thing to lie about being pregnant, it’s another to fabricate a full pregnancy but is a whole new level of crazy to steal someone else’s baby’s pictures and call the child your own then claim the mother gave the baby to you. But what about the baby she was 16wks and 4 days pregnant with? What happened to that child?

  2. Similar thing happened to me. My ex had a woman befriend me only to try and kidnap my infant son. They worked effortlessly together, and eventually my ex flying from Chicago to Greensboro for the first time had my son in November in a hotel and the woman Angela Scarborough sent me many videos of her kissing him, sleeping with him, told people she was adopting him. There are some really evil people out there


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