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Actor Jonathan Majors found guilty of assaulting former girlfriend inside a NYC car service


Actor Jonathan Majors was found guilty by jurors in New York for assaulting his then-girlfriend Grace Jabbari inside a New York City car service

CREDIT: Matt Winkelmeyer/ GETTY IMAGES
Actor Jonathan Majors and former girlfriend, Grace Jabbari
CREDIT: Matt Winkelmeyer/ GETTY IMAGES

Jurors in Manhattan have convicted actor Jonathan Majors on charges related to a fight with his then-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, inside a car service they hired. Now, the conviction may affect the Hollywood star’s plans to headline Marvel superhero films in the future.

Grace Jabbari testified that for two years she lived in fear of Actor Jonathan Major

During the trial, Jabbari told jurors that she had lived in fear of actor Jonathan Major’s violent outbursts for two years. She said the relationship ended when Major struck her with a “hard blow” across her head while they were inside a private car driving over the Manhattan Bridge.

‘Cadillac Escalade backseat assault’

The incident occurred on March 25, 2023, in the back seat of a black Cadillac Escalade. Jabbari snatched Major’s cell phone after seeing a flirtatious text message. According to trial testimony, the flirtatious message read “I wish I was kissing you” and was sent by another woman named “Cleopatra.”

Jonathan Majors and Grace Jabarri outside of their New York City private suv
Jonathan Majors and Grace Jabbari outside of their New York City private suv

Jabbari informed the jurors that the 34-year-old actor attempted to retrieve his phone from her. She said she attempted to protect herself by curling her body away from the actor, according to the New York Post. According to her testimony, she said Majors twisted her arm behind her back, causing excruciating pain, and hit her with an open hand, the outlet reported.

“I felt like a hard blow across my head,” she told jurors, smacking the microphone on the witness stand in front of her hard to demonstrate the strike’s impact.

Jabbari was treated at Bellevue Hospital, where she had a gash on her right ear and a fractured right middle finger.

Actor Jonathan Majors found guilty despite his innocence claims

Despite a jury returning a guilty verdict for assault against him, Majors has maintained his innocence from the beginning. His attorney argued that Jabbari was the aggressor in the altercation and that the prosecutors failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Majors caused her injuries.

The assault charges could lead to up to one year behind bars, but the actor is most likely to receive probation along with other court-ordered sanctions.

Jurors began their deliberations on November 14, after a two-week trial in which Jabbari testified over the course of four days.

Majors did not testify but appeared in court alongside his new girlfriend, actress Meagan Good.

Court records show the actor was found guilty of third-degree assault and guilty of harassment. 


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