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911 calls released in Raleigh North Carolina ma*s shooting: ‘suspect with black camo and a shotgun’


The North Carolina Beat has obtained four 911 calls in the deadly Thursday ma*s shooting in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Investigators said the shooting started around 5 p.m. Thursday near the Neuse River Greenway Trail in the Hedingham neighborhood near Osprey Cove Drive and Bay Harbor Drive.

In the first 911 call, a man can be heard hysterical on the phone, talking to dispatch. Throughout the call, it’s hard to hear what the caller is saying, but at some points, you can make out what the caller is saying.

“(Inaudible)…just came through with a shotgun and shot my buddy, get here ASAP,” the caller said. “He ran back to the Neuse River Trail.”

The caller then tells 911 that an officer was shot.

CALLER: “It’s an officer. He works for y’all,” the caller shouts.

The dispatcher confirms with the caller that an officer had been shot.

DISPATCHER: “You said it’s an officer?”

CALLER: “It’s an off-duty officer.”

The dispatcher asks the caller for the suspect’s description.

CALLER: “He’s in all camo. He looks like he’s 15.”

The caller tells the dispatcher that the suspect ran to the Neuse River Trail while yelling at someone to “take the baby in the house.”

CALLER: “He’s in all camo with a shotgun.”

The caller reiterates to the 911 dispatcher that a cop was shot.

CALLER: “He’s an off-duty cop. I keep trying to tell you he works for Raleigh.”

You can hear the caller in the background saying the suspect ran up to the officer and shot him for no reason.

Then you hear the caller yelling, “ACTIVE SHOOTER, ACTIVE SHOOTER.”

When dispatch asked the caller if the officer was responding normally, the caller told dispatch he believed the officer was bleeding from his chest.

Before the call ends, you can hear the caller telling responding officers that the suspect ran to Neuse River Trail in black camo.


In another 911 call, a female caller from the Heddingham neighborhood said she heard shots outside, looked out her window, and saw someone lying on the ground.

“We heard some shots outside and I looked out my window and the neighbor is on the ground I think,” the caller said. 

The caller then tells 911 that someone is laying on a porch and by a bush.

“There’s two people. It’s someone laying by the bush and on the porch”, the caller said.

The caller said she didn’t see anything but heard the shots and screams.

“No, we just heard shots and heard them screaming. We got down because we heard it was a gun. When it stopped, we got up and looked out the window,” the caller said.


In another 911 call, a man describes the ma*s shooting suspect that had just shot someone.

“It’s a white kid running out here with a shotgun. He shot somebody” the caller said.

The dispatcher asked the caller for the suspect’s location, to which the caller said the suspect ran into the woods.

“He ran back into the woods,” the caller said.


In the last 911 call obtained by The North Carolina Beat, a man called 911 from a secure area in his home and said he heard gunshots outside of his home.

“It’s people out front…currently in my room…its people out front in a culdesac. I think someone got shot. I hear people screaming out front,” the caller said.


The 15-year-old shooting suspect was identified as Austin Thompson.

Austin Thompson

The suspect’s brother, 16-year-old Jame Rogers Thompson, and an off-duty police officer are among the five people killed.


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