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Woman says she was raped by Nazeer Wiggins in High School


Well, Well, Well, seems like the walls of Jericho won’t be coming down anytime soon for  25-year-old Nazeer Wiggins, the man who was on IG LIVE Tuesday night trying to clear his name on a case out of Mexico.

Nazeer Wiggins

Not only is Nazeer being accused of being involved in the death of a Charlotte woman, but he’s also now being accused of raping a woman when they were in high school, and We, The People, ain’t SURPRISED at all. 

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The woman who tweeted that she was raped by Nazeer seemed shocked that he was trending in the news for a “Black woman murder,” is what she called it. 

Her Twitter handle is @RehanaWC, and just before 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, she tweeted Nazeer’s name, alleging that in high school, he raped her, and nobody believed her.

Twitter User RehanaWC

“Nazeer Wiggins was my rapist in high school and nobody believed me, Rehana said. “Years later, he’s wanted for participating in the murder of a block woman. BELIEVE US THE FIRST TIME.”


With the accusations against him in the Mexico case, he ran to the internet in a failed attempt to clear his name, but his name is still no good in the Charlotte, North Carolina streets. Let’s see if he’s going to run to the internet HIGHER than GIRAFFE coochie about these new accusations that came out Wednesday afternoon.

In more tweets from RehanaWC, she said that on October 17, 2013, Nazeer took photos of her engaging in acts with her then-boyfriend and told her, “now you have to do me, or this is going viral.”

RehanaWC said Nazeer blackmailed and coerced her into sexual acts with him and his friends. 

“I did not consent, RehanaWC said in her last sentence in the screenshot below.


RehanaWC says her story hasn’t changed, and it has been the same for nine years, when it first began.

She also said that Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department still has files of the photos, statements, tweets, and other information.


Rehanna’s case should be re-open, and a fair and thorough investigation should be conducted.

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  1. Hey I wonder if anybody noticed sumthing okay pay attention to how she slugg her look how her body reacts once hitting that edge of the bed🧐Whts holding that bed together as an Is it metal or wood or foam🧐look into it no one neva looked at that

  2. I think that this information is going to be relevant. I think he may have assaulted Ms. Robinson. I believe this is why he said “I rubbed her head and played r&b music….” I think he’s trying to insinuate that sexual contact was consensual once it comes out that he assaulted her while she was incapable of consenting.
    I also think the reason why he’s adamant in denying he consumed alcohol or weed is because I believed Ms. Robinson was poisoned with one of them rendering her unable to defend herself during the attacks. I also believe that’s why she took off her clothes, whatever substance she was given made her hot.

    I’m sure the Cabo 6 are reading this. I urge you to tell the truth. The world is watching.. closely.

    • That’s My thought not only him, All weaken her out sex wise, extremely easy to drop whatever in her drink, cause they were watching her that’s why she weren’t able to anything Much That happened That Was not seen,🤔 can you only imagine , orthers knew what was done,but was claim on alcohol,she was sluggish while being beaten, Whoever said fight back,knew she couldn’t because of what had already been done, You definitely can drop some kinda drugs in anothers drink, It happened to me at a club,man at next table didn’t move while we danced,he dropped something in my beer,,he thought I was alone, whatever It was It weaken you out can’t even stand, But not pass out, just saying, she had no energy , Young woman was successful had money, don’t sound like no friends ever, successful with Money,The word (FRIEND) Was and excuse to Stay close To her just saying sounds like they wanted to control and rule her,N paying 4 everybody’s Trip That I could not understand,a trip with w/a friend,is understandable,6 a half dozen seems more like a gang, This women could have been threaten for yrs and watched, from My understanding This wasn’t the first trip, They stuck in there for Money,Who knows what was going on, and she disagreed,She wasn’t killed from past trips, but now was, my thoughts somebody wanted something? 🤔


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