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Woman says NYPD has been harassing her after for several months after they accused her son of making 17,000 911 calls


A New York woman took to Facebook Saturday asking for the public’s help because the NYPD won’t stop harassing her family over accusations that her 23-year-old son prank called them more than 17,000 times.

On Saturday, July 1, at 1:35 am, Pearl Hossier posted a video alleging that the NYPD accused her son of making over 17,000 prank calls to their department. Hossier said she asked the officers if they could show her the number the calls were coming from and the NYPD declined. Hossier said her son’s phone was in her name, and when she went to look at his call logs, 911 had not been called.

According to Hossier, officers told her that the calls could be coming from an app and they needed to speak to her son. Hossier said she told them that her son was not there. Officers said they would only stop coming by Hossier’s home once they speak with her son because they believe he is the one who is making the calls to the NYPD, according to Hossier.

I told them that something was wrong and maybe someone else is using my son’s number but my son is not that type of person, Hossier said in the Facebook video.


Hossier said the NYPD comes to her house in the mornings, evenings, and in the middle of the night, threatening to bring the SWAT if she does not help them find her son. According to Hossier, a representative from internal affairs also showed up at her house looking for her son. The North Carolina Beat has obtained a video of the NYPD at Hossier’s door, continuing to harass her about speaking to her son concerning these prank calls he’s allegedly making.


Hossier’s son is a 23-year-old teacher in East Harlem and a grad student and his family say pranking call 911 is not in his character. Hopefully, an attorney will come and help Hossier and her son.

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