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WATCH: West Haven CT man shot dead on camera after pulling gun and shooting cop in the leg


West Haven, Connecticut man pulls gun from under mattress and shoot cop in his leg after Domestic Violence Complaint 911 call

Police in West Haven, Connecticut had to fatally shoot a 33-year-old man, Jovan Washington, after he shot a police officer in the leg.

Javon Washington
Javon Washington

On December 1, officers from the West Haven Police Department responded to an apartment residence regarding a domestic violence complaint. Upon arrival, officers made contact with the 911 caller who reported that Washington had attempted to strangle her and was refusing to let her leave the apartment.

‘The shooting’: Jovan Washington pulls gun and shoot West Haven Police Officer in the leg

Officers found Washington in a bedroom in the apartment and spoke to him while he was in bed. One officer, identified as Cody Bacon, informed Washington that he was being arrested and offered to let him put on a pair of pants.

In the video we have, you will see Washington getting out of bed and moving towards his closet. Suddenly, he turns and reaches under his mattress for a gun. Officers struggled with Javon moments before he fired a shot that struck Officer Bacon in the leg. Another officer, Alex Triscritti, then fired multiple shots, striking Washington.


Officers rendered medical aid to Javon Washington after shooting

After the shooting, officers at the scene provided medical assistance to Washington until medics arrived. He was taken to Yale New Haven Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

According to the police, Washington died from gunshot wounds to his torso and extremities.


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