WATCH: Long Island New York nurse fired after seen slamming newborn baby in NICU bassinet

Whew, I just know many people who would have gone to jail if a nurse had done their child like this but I guess the parents of this newborn decided they gon LAWYER up and sue! I would’ve done that too, after I finished putting my hands on somebody…

A Long Island, New York nurse has been fired after a video caught her slamming a newborn inside a bassinet. At the time, the baby was only two days old.

According to NBC New York, Good Samaritan Hospital had to keep the two-day-old baby in the neonatal intensive care unit (NCIC) for antibiotics-related observation.

The parents of the child, Consuelo Saravia, and Fidel Sinclair, said they were first-time parents and were heartbroken when they saw a nurse slamming their son, Nikko.

According to Fidel, he said God told him to check on his son. When he went to do that, he said he could see Nikko through a curtain with a small opening. However, he also saw a female nurse picking up his crying son and seemingly slamming him face-first into his bassinet.

Nikko is at home and reportedly did not sustain any injuries from the slamming at the hands of the nurse.

Catholic Health, the parent company of Good Samaritan Hospital, said in a statement that the nurse responsible had been fired.

Upon learning of this incident, swift and immediate action was taken, including conducting an investigation and consequently terminating the individual involved. Additionally, we reported the individual to the Department of Health for further review. Keeping our patients safe remains paramount concern.

No security footage was in the NICU area, but the footage Fidel captured played a role in launching an investigation and subsequently firing the unidentified nurse.


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