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Video shows Michigan man killed as he walks into police department with gun


Chileeee, now you know what? I know this man ain’t walk into the police department in broad daylight and pull out his gun that he couldn’t get to work before a police officer gunned him all the way down to the ground out of his shoes…

A new video shows when a Dearborn police officer gunned down 33-year-old Ali Naji after he walked into the police station and started pointing his gun at the cops.

Ali Naji

The incident happened on December 18, 2022.

In the video below, Naji enters the Dearborn, Michigan Police Department lobby with a gun. Naji then points the gun at officers behind the desk, but as Naji’s gun malfunctions, a police officer behind the desk lets off 17 rounds on Naji in four seconds.


The family of Naji has sued the Dearborn Police Station for wrongful death and excessive force and is seeking $10 million.

I mean…if you pull a gun on someone… you intend to harm….but if your gun malfunctions, it doesn’t take the deadly threat you just posed away…but many of you may argue that even after Naji was on the ground and posed no danger, he was still being shot by police.

Naji had one round in the chamber of his gun, and the safety on the gun was off.

Prosecutors declined to file charges against the officer, citing that Naji did in fact pose an immediate threat.

We may never know why Mr. Naji walked into the Dearborn Police Department with a loaded weapon attempting to fire it at a police officer. My office will not be issuing charges in this case. Although extremely tragic, this is a clear case where the officer acted in a lawful self-defense and in the defense of others.

Naji’s former attorney, Nabih Ayad, said he had a severe mental illness, and that’s what caused him to walk into a POLICE STATION with a gun.

The lawsuit says the officer shot Naji in the head, chest, abdomen, left arm, genitals, and legs.

According to Naji’s family’s attorney, the officer who killed him failed to take any steps to deescalate the situation and deemed it appropriate to shoot and kill him.

But how do you de-escalate someone coming into your place of work with a gun, pointing it at you, and the gun malfunctions as he tries to get it to work? I don’t think you can.

Plus, it looks like it was meant for the officer to live since Naji’s gun malfunctioned.

I can’t ride with wrongful death and excessive force suit with this one.

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  1. His parents shouldn’t be awarded anything. He walked in with the intent to cause someone bodily harm, but his gun didn’t work properly. Play stupid games and it up with stupid rewards.


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