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VIDEO: Lumberton man says he’s divorcing his wife after video shows her kicking and throwing his dogs


A man from Lumberton, North Carolina decided to remove a social media post where he suggested he was going to serve his wife with divorce papers. The reason behind this decision was that their home security camera captured footage of his wife mistreating their pets by kicking one of them down the stairs and throwing another back up by the neck.

In a recent Facebook update, Patrick Hunt shared a shocking revelation, saying, “This is why I’ll be getting a divorce” accompanied by two videos, that allegedly captures his wife purportedly mistreating their beloved dogs. One clip depicts her callously kicking one of the innocent pups down the stairs, while another shows her forcefully hurling the a second dog back up the steps of their mobile home.

“STG, this is so f***k up all the sh*t I do for you, and you treat my dogs like this?”? Nah, f**k that, you a heartless mofo who I want no ties with,” Patrick Hunt said about his wife in his now-deleted Facebook post.

Patrick Hunt's now-deleted social media post about his wife, Hannah Hunt.
Patrick Hunt’s now-deleted social media post about his wife, Hannah Hunt.

The wife has been identified as Hannah Hunt, who made a social media post apologizing and saying, “We all find ourselves in moments where we’re less than perfect, where we slip up or make a choice we wish we could undo.”

Hannah Hunt, allegedly captured on video abusing a dog.
Hannah Hunt, allegedly captured on video abusing a dog.

“I did something that I’m not proud of and will be a woman and admit to it and say I’m sorry I let my emotions get the best of me while taking my dogs out, Hannah Hunt said in her apology posted to social media.

It is unclear on which date the dogs were abused, but Patrick publicly criticized his wife on Facebook on Sunday afternoon.


Hannah Hunt apologizes for video that shows her abusing dog.
Hannah Hunt apologizes for video that shows her abusing dog.
Hannah Hunt apologizes for video that shows her abusing dog.
Hannah Hunt apologizes for video that shows her abusing dog.


  1. Your not sorry hell in your post your telling people to rot in hell. Your probably the devil himself you didn’t fall short of sh*t your a*s just got called out and now your trying to make an excuse for your shitty behavior. Yes hunni God does no your heart and you any fooling nobody. Absolutely no EXCUSES FOR WHAT YOU DID.

    • I agree! She’s not sorry, and who knows what she does to her own children behind closed doors. She got the nerve to justify her wicked nasty a*s action and pointing fingers. What a wicked soul. MONSTER, there’s a special place in hell for you.

  2. I refuse to watch the rest of the video. Hunni your not sorry one bit your only sorry cause your a** got caught. I wish I could say what I want to say to you on here without it being deleted but I pray God has mercy on you. Animals don’t deserve that type of treatment no matter what your mood is. You need to seek help. If you will do a dog like that you would probably do the same to a child of angry enough. Go get yourself some help you may need it. I don’t blame your husband I would’ve left you too. Absolutely sad is what you are. Smh 😡 you didn’t fall short of nothing you have angry issues apparently.

  3. Sad part about all of this she will get away with it to go and do it again, pray the next time it’s not an innocent child! SMH she was too calm and seems like this ain’t her first time! I wouldn’t trust her for nothing in this world! If they don’t want to lock her a*s up then I think as a community y’all need to get together and do her the same damn way!!

  4. Reason she look to the left they stay in a trailer park in the BK and there’s people to the left of them probably looking to see if they was outside

  5. I’m sorry, but there’s no excuses! No ma’am!! A helpless animal that depends on its owner to be fed an loved…some humans needs to be treated the same way they treat animals! I’m pure ashamed to no she lives in the same city as myself! She needs to be tied an beat lik a dirty rug!! 🤬

  6. I’ve taken care of 13 dogs(10 of the were puppies) for damn near 3 months until some of them were re-homed . I still have the momma ,and daddy dog with one of their babies. I also have 3 kids of my own. I know what it’s like to have my patients tested but I have never lost my cool like that. Hell I cried when one of the puppies fell off the couch because it whimpered….

  7. That’s awful to watch. Absolutely disgusting and wrong. So calm and kicking that little dog like that and then hurling it in the house. That’s not being frustrated in the moment, that’s you straight up don’t give a shit and are a mean, hateful person. 💔 Sick in the head for people who want to hurt defenseless pets or children.

  8. No this was not out a moment of anger she was to calm while yanking that puppy up the stairs which lets me know its not the first time.
    The only thing she fell short of was falling down them same stairs.

  9. If she’d do a dog like that, something that can’t talk or defend itself, she’ll most definitely do a child like that!!. IDGAF!! My dog will tear up mess , have accidents on the floor and I still would never lay my hand on an animal!!!.


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