Trump loses in court again, Pennsylvania Supreme Court rejects Trump lawsuit over ballot-counting access

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court sent some bad news to the Trump campaign Tuesday when they ruled that the Philadelphia Board of Elections acted correctly in setting up its access rules for canvass observers, who were kept six feet away from ballot tabulation in line with COVID protocols.

Poll watchers were allowed inside the convention center where ballots were being counted, but President Trump’s lawsuit read that his campaign wanted to be closer.

The President’s lawsuit contended that its observers were kept farther away than 6 feet, saying in some instances, 100 feet and not even in the room. Lawyers for Philly argued that monitors from both parties were allowed in the room and were subject to the same restrictions.

The court’s decision was 5-2, but President Trump campaigns continue to argue that his observers could not watch the vote count in a “meaningful way” due to the distance rules.

All of this goes to show you that President Trump has no real legal arguments about the 2020 election, other than he needs to accept the fact that he lost to sleepy Joe Biden.

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