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T.I. & Tiny sued for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman they met at a club, claimed T.I. stuck his toe in her vag*na


Clifford Harris, professionally known as T.I. and his wife, Tameka Harris, professionally known as Tiny is being sued by an anonymous woman who alleged the hip-hop couple sexually assaulted her at a hotel after meeting at a club.

T.I. & Tiny in 2005
T.I. & Tiny in 2005

Word on the Curb… T.I. and his wife, Tiny, are being sued by a Jane Doe who alleges that the couple spiked her drink before sexually assaulting her 2005, according to TMZ.

Jane Doe, the plaintiff, alleged in her complaint that she was enlisted in the U.S. Air Force and stationed in Los Angeles around 2005. While there, she said that she and a friend had gone to a party at Cooli’s home. She claimed that she met a man who went by the name “Caviar” and claimed to have worked for T.I. and Tiny.

The lawsuit obtained by TMZ stated that T.I. and Tiny no-showed a party, but “Caviar” allegedly told Jane Doe they would be at a nightclub in Los Angeles the next night. That night is when the plaintiff met T.I. and Tiny in the VIP section.

‘spiked drinks’

In the lawsuit, the woman claimed that she had ordered 2 Amaretto sours for herself before alleging that Tiny handed her another drink. She claimed that she never saw Tiny take a sip from the drink. She said she drank some and shared it with her friend.

According to TMZ, when T.I. was ready to go, he asked the plaintiff to ride with him and Tiny. She said that her friend rode with “Caviar,” who she said was also headed to the same place.


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