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Students at A&T in Greensboro are sick after mold found in dorm rooms, school under fire

Mold is making students sick at North Carolina A&T University in Greensboro


The school that is known all around the world for the Greatest Homecoming On Earth (GH*E) is now becoming known for having mold in student’s dorm rooms, and students and parents say the school should have known about the mold and taken care of the mold before students returned, four weeks ago.

North Carolina A&T University is facing backlash from its students and parents because of mold that students say is in their dorm rooms and is making them sick.

Not all buildings have mold, only some, but students say mold shouldn’t be inside the place they have to live as they pursue their college degrees.

Local media reported that some students were sick the first week of school due to the mold inside their rooms, and others recently started getting sick.

Although A&T has encouraged students to report mold or mildew they find, students and parents say they have, and nothing has changed.

Many students have stated that they have had to leave cla*s because they could not stop coughing.

Executive director of Housing & Residence Life at NC A&T, John Lowney, said reports of mold or mildew are handled quickly, and during the summer, steps were taken to help in the prevention process.

However, whatever steps A&T took in the summer to help in the prevention process were ineffective because students are seeing mold and becoming sick, which has now become a bigger problem.

This summer one of the things that we did as we hired contractors that came in and cleaned all of our HVAC units to be free of any kind of organic growth, Lowney said. 

It’s unclear what A&T plans are to remedy this situation, but it seems as though they should be footing students’ medical bills and moving them to a safe and healthy living environment until it’s safe and healthy for them to move back into their dorms.


Gerald Jackson
Gerald Jackson
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