Sahara dust from Africa coming to North Carolina this weekend


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A vast cloud of Sahara dust is heading to North Carolina this weekend with size and concentration that experts say hasn’t been seen in half a century.

The cloud will bring impacts to North Carolina, but it will not be significant as it has been in the Caribbeans.


Air quality across most of the Caribbean fell to record “hazardous” levels and experts who nicknamed the event the “Godzilla dust cloud” warned people to stay indoors and use air filters if they have one.

North Carolina impacts will include hazy conditions and gray skies along with reduced visibility starting Saturday. Those with sensitive allergies and respiratory issues may notice it more than others, but most people will not be impacted.

The dust layer is said to provide some amazing colors in the atmosphere during the sunset and sunrise times. Reduced tropical activity and lower rain chances are other characteristics because the particulate in the atmosphere keeps storms from organizing. 

Health specialists were concerned about those battling respiratory symptoms due to COVID-19. A Sahara alert system is in the works to alert people on the arrival of Sahara