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Robeson County woman says man stole her deceased husband’s rims


Word On The Curb…a man named ‘BIG WHEEL’ , whose real name is William Luther Locklear, in Red Springs, North Carolina, is stealing rims that do not belong to him. It appears that he and his ‘little workers, you thieving workers’ are claiming to pick up more than they are authorized to.

Whitney Campbell informed The North Carolina Beat that a recent storm in Wakulla caused significant damage to a trailer situated on her property, which was utilized for storage and belonged to her mother. Following a recommendation from a friend of her mother, Campbell contacted Big Wheel to assist in accessing the contents of the damaged trailer. During their communication, Campbell mentioned that Big Wheel expressed interest in utilizing the materials for scrap.

“He wanted the 10s, the 2x4s, and everything that was damaged. He wanted the material to do something with it,” Campbell said.

Campbell said her mother told Big Wheel that if he came and tore the trailer apart, and broke it down – he could have it the material so he could scrap it. She said her mother wanted to keep everything they had in there and some plywood that she wanted to keep and of course the rims outside.

“See, the thing with the rims is, my husband passed two years ago.” “He had them on his truck, and they got messed up because he hit a pothole,” Campbell said. “So, they been outside the whole time, but they were sitting up.”

She said that on the day the Big Wheel pulled up to break the trailer down, she didn’t talk to him; her mother did. Her mom asked her what she was going to do with the rims, and she told her that she was not going to bother them and would check to see if one of her husband’s friends wanted them.

The rims
The rims

Campbell said she asked Big Wheel if he could haul off the trash once he finished breaking down the trailer, which didn’t take long, according to Campbell. She said Big Wheel also took off with the rims and left the trash and scraps in a pile, saying he thought her mother was going to burn it and even suggested burning it.

“He said he thought we said he could have them rims and that is how he pays his people, by giving them the rims,” Campbell said. “You should have paid your own people out of your damn pocket…nobody told you to take my damn rims.”

In Facebook messages obtained by The North Carolina Beat, Campbell’s mom asked Big Wheel if he had taken Campbell’s rims. Big Wheel responded that he did, thinking he could use them. Campbell’s mother told the thief that Campbell wants her rims back, to which Big Wheel replied, they were gone and claims he doesn’t know where they are.


Campbell's mother messages to Big Wheel
Campbell’s mother messages to Big Wheel
Campbell's mother messages to Big Wheel
Campbell’s mother messages to Big Wheel

Campbell said she didn’t realize the 30-inch rims were missing until she went outside on Monday, looked around, and didn’t see them.

Still to this day, Big Wheel has not returned the rims.

Campbells message to Big Wheel
Campbells message to Big Wheel


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