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Singer Monica DROPS video to dispute false claims made by Durham officials about her performing at the Bimbe Cultural Arts Festival


This situation is a complete disaster, and I’m beyond exhausted from keeping you all updated on these deceitful officials in Durham.

Gossip has it… R&B icon Monica dropped a video on Friday evening, putting Durham officials on blast and making it clear that she won’t be showing up at any festivals in North Carolina tomorrow. She even hinted that the city might have been hoodwinked.


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 But hold up, the city is out here on a PR spree – spreading lies that they had a deal with the singer. Monica, on the other hand, is saying there was no contract and she was clueless about the event until today (Friday).

As per the News & Observer, Durham’s communications guru, Beverly Thompson, supposedly verified that the city had discussions with Monica’s crew and they assured that the singer would be there to perform live.

“I was never contacted, I was never contracted,” Monica said in her Instagram video. “I never even heard of the festival until today and it is absolutely untrue that I will be there.”

Monica expressed her regrets to her eager fans who had been looking forward to seeing her at the event. According to a report from the News & Observer, Durham’s communications director, Beverly Thompson, verified that Monica was all set to grace the festival with her presence.

“We have a contract,” Beverly Thompson, the communications director for the city of Durham, told the News & Observer shortly before 6:45 p.m. “We have confirmed with her people that she will be here.”

Earlier today, fans were feeling anxious and worried about the singer’s absence. Many had made travel arrangements, including booking hotels, flights, and even renting buses to attend the concert. Their concerns were sparked by a social media post from the singer’s account stating that she had no information about the event and had not been contacted or scheduled to appear, causing fans to fear that she might not show up.

The songstress behind “Boy Is Mine” also posted the same message on her Instagram, and both posts are still up as of 10:30 p.m. However, city officials took a leap by suggesting that Monica’s social media had been “hacked,” but it turns out that was just a tall tale.

“Monica did not post the social media message herself,” Thompson told News & Observer, stating, “We’re told someone hacked her account.”

It’s plain and simple, she won’t be there.


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