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Raleigh pastor faces 82 years in federal prison for bank fraud, wire fraud among other charges

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Gerald Jackson
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The saying “Everything is going down BUT the word of God,” is true because, at Crown Ministries in Raleigh, North Carolina, baby EVERYTHING is going down BUT the Word of God, oh GAWD.

The feds have stepped in and charged Pastor Sharon Annita Edmonds, 51, who they say committed bank fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy to commit bank fraud, making false statements to a bank on loans, aggravated identity theft, and perjury.

Edmonds was not alone in this operation, and I won’t bash her because she hasn’t been convicted, but to even be among the ACC– USED is not of God, and the self-proclaimed “Prophet” (Profit) didn’t see this coming.

Michael Anthony Griffin Sr., 52, his wife, Angela Griffin, 52, his daughter, Creshun Alexandria Griffin, 26, all of Knightdale, his three sisters Regina Griffin, 48, Sharon Annita Edmonds, 51, Katina Griffin Perry, 47, all of Raleigh and his two brothers, Harvey Griffin, 46, of Raleigh, and Melvin Griffin, 44, of Knightdale are also charged with the aforementioned crimes.

According to the federal press release, McGriffin was operating his business in Raleigh and his home in Knightdale. He accepted fees from clients for alleged credit repair services. In reality, Griffin was creating fictitious credit profiles and fraudulently altering client credit data through fictitious police reports.

Various defendants above conspired with McGriffin to defraud Synchrony Bank, a Lowe’s credit card provider, by opening credit accounts in the name of fraudulent identities, cashing out funds through prepaid card purchases, and then defaulting on the credit accounts. According to the federal press release, the federal indictment also charges various defendants with similar frauds against other banks, including Capital One and Discover.

Various defendants are charged with using fraudulent bank statements, pay stubs, and other documents for use in defrauding banks, lenders, merchants, and landlords. McGriffin is also charged with presenting a fraudulent social security card and number to Johnson Automotive to purchase a Hyundai Genesis, a vehicle with a purchase price of more than $72,000, according to the federal press release.

All defendants are charged with committing perjury for lying to a federal grand jury, all faces 82 years in federal prison if convicted.

The United States Attorney stated:

After months of continuing investigation, we are finally bringing to justice many of those who participated in this expansive fraud upon banks, merchants, and the credit market as a whole. The ongoing pandemic has not slowed our efforts to hold accountable all of those who would engage in the frauds charged in this case.

It is unknown if the defendants will be incarcerated until trial or if the feds will allow them to stay released. We will update you once that information comes available.

If convicted, the maximum punishment for committing Bank Fraud and Conspiracy to Commit Bank Fraud, violations of Title 18, United States Code, Sections 1344 and 1349, is not more than 30 years in prison.  The maximum punishment for Wire Fraud, a violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1343, is not more than 20 years imprisonment.  The maximum punishment for Making a False Statement to a Bank on a loan is not more than 30 years in prison.  The maximum penalty for committing Aggravated Identity Theft, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 1028A(a)(1), is not less than two years imprisonment, consecutive to any other term of imprisonment imposed. Total of 82 years.

You can read the full DOJ Press Release by clicking HERE.




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hg hg
Last edited 6 months ago by hg hg

Damn a man that’s got the balls to post one of the dirtbags pics along with an informative article. The whole FamDamn’ily went down after all. Good read and now she can preach to the CO’s.

Last edited 9 months ago by EDDIE HUGHES

[…] Pastor Sharon Annita Edmonds, 57, of Crown Ministries and SAGE Ministries located in Raleigh, was charged by the feds back in September of 2020 after she and her crooked brother Michael Anthony Griffin Sr committed bank fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy to commit bank fraud, making false statements to a bank… […]

shaquan Malone

Update: as of yesterday July 1st 7 out of 10 has pleaded guilty to their individual charges


I will call the police on you because if you had something to say why not say it to her face

Joyce Ministries

Any Updates on this article.




so people weren’t raised to keep their mouths off of people… if your going to report the story report it but being judgmental is not cute or Godly!


Delete the whole article. The way you used her as a headline is very disrespectful and damaging to her image and her name AND SHES INNOCENT. Also coming from a journalism minor, your writing is unprofessional and mediocre.

Gary E Hall

That indictment sure is professional!


come on stop doing that i will pray and you will be cursed by god


Soo.. trump and his partners can lie to a grand jury.. get caught and all is well? The lying to a grand jury should be taken off the books. It’s BS to ever convict anyone of this crime.

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