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Raleigh NC police killing of man who tossed Molotov cockatils at them justified


The Raleigh police officers who shot and killed a man on May 7, who was seen on video throwing Molotov cocktails at them, will not be criminally charged.

Police said 37-year-old Reuel Rodriguez Nunez drove a silver van into the parking lot of the Southeast District Raleigh Police Station on Rock Quarry Road and lit two police patrol cars on fire.

Video footage released a few weeks later by police showed Nunez throwing cocktails at police officers as they approached him. Police warned Nunez multiple times to stop, but he continued. Police shot Nunez 11 times, killing him.

Wake County District Attorney Lori Freeman announced Monday that her office would not be filing criminal charges against the four officers and that they had a legal right to use lethal force.

According to Freeman, over 30 commands were given to Nunez to stop, yet he continued to throw more “cups of inflamed liquid toward one of the officers.”

It’s so sad that people would think that the officers in this incident should be charged. For what? They gave him chances to stop and surrender, and he continued. And for all of these clout-chasing organizations claiming the police should have called mental health providers. Um..who is about to put someone else life in danger to help someone who is actively throwing Molotov cocktails? You sound stupid.



Good Job, RPD!


Gerald Jackson
Gerald Jackson
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