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Popular church blogger says Bishop T.D. Jakes security guard once came to him with pictures of the bishop in a thong with peach cobbler


Popular church blogger William G. McCray III of Obnoxious Television says Bishop T.D. Jake’s security guard, Tyrone from North Carolina, once came to him about putting a story out on Bishop Jakes. He said Tyrone showed him pictures of the Bishop wearing a thong while eating peach cobbler propped up on a motorcycle.

(Left) Bishop T.D. Jakes security officer 'Tyrone' (Right) Blogger William G. McCray iII
(Left) Bishop T.D. Jakes security officer ‘Tyrone’ (Right) Blogger William G. McCray iII

William G. McCray is well-acquainted with the church community, having been raised in the Church of God in Christ and recognized for uncovering sinful behavior in the Black church for more than a decade. McCray has covered stories ranging from scandalous photos of pastors in various states of undress to cases of molestation and rape involving men, women, and children within the Black church, at the hands of clergy to court side at the NBA basketball games and photoed with some of the biggest celebs in entertainment. 

Just a few photos of William G. McCray III pictured with celebs.
Just a few photos of William G. McCray III pictured with celebs.

In January 2017, McCray gained national attention when he announced the passing of the late-disgraced Bishop Eddie Long, who had been battling stage 4 cancer.

 Before his death, he had been accused of sexually assaulting four boys. According to McCray, Long allegedly refused to pay the boys when they approached him for money. Something McCray says Bishop Jakes allegedly has no problem doing.

TikToker says Bishop T.D. Jakes is accused of making a young boy give him ‘sloppy toppy’ at a Diddy party.

Last week, rumors spread like wildfire on social media alleging that Bishop Jakes partied like a rockstar, often with Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, professionally known as Diddy. The TikToker claimed that the bishop was reputedly known by multiplemale escorts as a “power bottom” and allegedly coerced an underage teen into performing ‘sloppy toppy’ on him. Bishop Jakes was also accused of paying off the young man’s parents to keep quiet and reportedly plans to file a lawsuit against the Dallas pastor.

The allegations against Bishop Jake regarding Diddy parties are currently unsubstantiated and no court action has been taken as of yet. 

Bishop T.D. Jakes address rumors about viral TikTok story.

On Sunday, the self-proclaimed bishop was affected by the rumors and allegations. He responded to the allegations by stating that he wasn’t going to address them.

“All of you who expect me to address a lie, you can log off,” Bishop T.D. Jakes said at his Christmas Eve Sunday morning service. “I will not use this sacred day and this sacred pulpit to address a lie when I have a chance to preach a truth.”



In a video, blogger William G. McCray III said that Bishop T.D. Jakes security guard once came to him to put out a story on Jakes.

McCray said that Tyrone is and still remains a part of Bishop Jakes’ security team. He said Tyrone had come to him with some pictures of Bishop Jakes allegedly wearing a thong and holding a peach cobbler he had just made. The blogger revealed that Tyrone had shared another picture with him, allegedly showing Bishop Jakes sitting on a motorcycle he had bought for Tyrone, with his face down and wearing a thong.

He said that he wanted the story and that he and Tyrone had “quickly built a friendship.” However, he alleged that Tyrone had been “handsomely paid, well taken care of.”

“He was being paid…some things had happened”, McCray said in his Facebook live video. He was not in the forefront with Jakes anymore and he wanted to come forward because he was very much upset.”

William G. McCray said Tyrone was upset after allegedly having had sex with Tyrone and Jakes “pretty much stepping away from him.”

McCray said that Tyrone was attempting to find a way to reclaim his rightful place and position with Bishop Jakes. He said that the two of them kept discussing the story back and forth while other things were happening. Tyrone allegedly shared intimate details with McCray about things he allegedly did with Bishop Jakes, according to McCray.

(Left) Bishop T.D. Jakes security officer 'Tyrone' (Right) Blogger William G. McCray iII
(Left) Bishop T.D. Jakes security officer ‘Tyrone’ (Right) Blogger William G. McCray iII

‘Jakes has no problem with cashing guys out,’ William Mccray said.

McCray then took a trip down memory lane to remind his viewers about the downfall of disgraced Bishop Eddie LongHe said the men who accused Long approached him, but Long didn’t want to pay them. According to McCray, the men initially demanded $1 million each, but Long offered them $1 million collectively and allegedly instructed them to divide it among themselves.

The radio host continued and told a story about how Bishop Eddie Long was allegedly connecting with men on Craigslist under the username “D**ktracey.” He explained that one of the men who accused Bishop Long was allegedly selling his body on Craigslist at the time Bishop Long reportedly met him. According to McCray, that’s how the two met.

Bishop Jakes reportedly kicked his fashion stylist Darrell Patrick off his private jet and left him stranded. 

Bishop Jakes former fashion stylist Darrell Patrick
Bishop Jakes former fashion stylist Darrell Patrick

McCray said Patrick was a gay man who was versatile and managed Bishop Jakes’ wardrobe. He said Darryl knew gay men that he could allegedly recruit and introduce to Bishop T.D. Jake’s.

“Darrell did and said some things that were inappropriate that upset Jakes,” McCray said. “Jakes put him off the private plane and left him stranded.”

After reportedly being kicked off Jake’s plane, Patrick started sending text messages and making threats to Jake, according to McCray. He said the text messages were sent to Jake’s iPad, which was back home in Texas with Serita, and she saw the text messages.

Mccray said that Patrick was fired, and Bishop George Bloomer, the pastor of Bethel Family Worship Center in Durham, North Carolina, allegedly contacted Bishop Jakes to address the situation. He said they eventually figured out a way to bring Patrick back and make everyone comfortable.

“Darrell was the connection and he kept all of these guys in front of the bishop, McCray said.

Darrell Patrick died under mysterious circumstances in 2022.




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