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Pastor says her ex-husband shot their daughter in the back because she is a lesbian


A New York pastor who has traveled to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, to support her daughter shared with The North Carolina Beat that her ex-husband shot their daughter in the back due to her sexual orientation.

Pastor Princess Walker stated that her ex-husband, 62-year-old Alphonzo Denard McQueen, had previously ended a same-sex relationship to be with her before their divorce, which was prompted by Alphonzo’s alleged abusive behavior towards her.

Pastor Princess Walker
Pastor Princess Walker

Walker disclosed that Alphonzo had a history of abusing her children, particularly her 24-year-old daughter, Miracle McQueen.

24-year-old, Miracle McQueen.
24-year-old, Miracle McQueen.

She recounted that on April 21, 2024, an altercation ensued between Alphonzo and her daughter as he disapproved of Miracle’s sexual orientation as a Lesbian.

“He has a problem with it because he’s a punk too,” Walker said. “Because he left a man to be with me.”

Walker stated that due to her daughter’s sexual orientation, Alphonzo frequently instigates conflicts with Miracle. She recounted the incident on April 21st at approximately 7 a.m., where an argument between Miracle and Alphonzo escalated to physical violence, with Alphonzo allegedly swinging on Miracle.

Walker reported that Miracle was able to defend herself effectively against Alphonzo.

Following the altercation, Miracle exited the premises and locked the door. Shortly after, Alphonzo fired a shot through the door, injuring Miracle in the back. This resulted in severe injuries, including the loss of a kidney, spleen, and part of her pancreas, as confirmed by Walker.

(Left) 24-year-old, Miracle McQueen and (Right) Pastor Princess Walker
(Left) 24-year-old, Miracle McQueen and (Right) Pastor Princess Walker

Alphonzo was subsequently arrested and charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon causing serious injury, according to court records obtained by The North Carolina Beat. Walker also disclosed that she had divorced Alphonzo years ago due to his attempt to harm her.

Alphonzo is currently detained at the Forsyth County Jail.


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