Wednesday, May 22, 2024

North Carolina Republican-controlled Senate holding up $200 gas checks for NC drivers


As gas in America skyrockets, Democrats in North Carolina wants to send every North Carolina driver 18 and up $200, but Republicans in the Senate are hesitant to pass the bill.

Democrats have been attempting to pitch a summer tax break, which would give every North Carolina driver $200, but Republicans support long-term tax cuts.

The law was proposed by the Democrats in May.

The state is sitting on a $6.5 billion surplus, and we need to put it back in pockets of working families as soon as possible, said state Senator Michael Garrett.

State Senate President Phil Berger said Democrats should ask those in Washington to take action on rising gas prices through actions such as increasing the oil supply.

The tax cut proposed by Democrats would use 20% of the state’s $6.5 billion budget surplus and give out $200 checks to licensed drivers at least 18-years-old.

Gas prices passed the $5 per gallon milestone on June 9, and many are struggling to keep gas in their cars and food on their table as inflation continue to rise.

N.C. Republicans say President Joe Biden is the sole reason for inflation in America.

SOUND OFF: Republicans, do you support Republicans in the NC Senate blocking this $200? 


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Gerald Jackson
Gerald Jackson
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