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North Carolina lawmakers want to legalize weed, proposes bill to get it done

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Gerald Jackson
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If you smoke weed, soon it may be possible that you can smoke it without legal consequences because some lawmakers in North Carolina think the ‘feel good’ plant should be legalized in North Carolina.

Rep. John Autry, House Members Allison Dahle, Pricey Harrison, and Zack Hawkins all introduced House Bill 617, a bill to legalize and regulate the sale, possession, and use of Cannabis in North Carolina.

The bill is said to specify control for the productions and distribution of cannabis. The system will include licensing, regulation, and taxation. It will also include lab testing, potency labeling, secure packaging, restrictions on advertising, and education about responsible use and risks.

According to lawmakers, the bill will generate needed revenue, including reinvestment in communities disproportionately impacted by prohibition, substance abuse treatment and education, and training more law enforcement officers to detect impaired driving.

This comprehensive bill also includes reform measures to expunge prior convictions to a certain degree, said Rep. Dahle.

HB 617 will:

  • • Establish the creation of the Office of Social Equity to conduct Community Reinvestment and
  • Repair, Social Equity, Cannabis Education and Technical Assistance activities.
  • • Makes legal the use, possession, and cultivation of up to 12 plants for persons 21 or older for personal use of Cannabis.
  • Allows regulations for growers, producers/processors, retail outlets, and on-site usage establishments, among others.
  • Establishes a Registration Department.
  • Provides for the collection of State and Local taxes. A windfall for many states after legalization.


What do y’all think about the legalization of weed in North Carolina?

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