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North Carolina daycare owner blasts mother on Facebook for late payment


A Ghetto-a*s daycare owner in High Point, North Carolina, went to Facebook Monday morning and put a mother on blast for not paying for her child’s care.

The owner of ‘Home Away From Home Childcare Services, LLC’, Courtney Gaither, made the social media post claiming that a mother, Kiona Lindsay owes $240.75 in childcare payments.

Courtney Gaither- Owner of ‘Home Away From Home Childcare Services, LLC’

Miss Kiona Lindsay, your childcare payment is now four days past due and it seems apparent that communications are being avoided on your end, Gaither said in the post.

Courtney Gaither post blasting Kiona Lindsay
Courney Gaither posts Kiona Lindsay’s invoice

Gaither said the behavior coming from Lindsay was “shocking and unexpected” to her. She said she is disappointed that Lindsay has chosen not to personally handle “business” between them. But it doesn’t seem like Lindsay is the one who took the “business” to social media.

Gaither said her childcare center “has a ZERO toleration for outstanding balances.” 

Sources told The North Carolina Beat that Gaither is running her childcare center out of her apartment on Burton Avenue

Hopefully, people whose child attends this hood daycare will unenroll their children after this behavior from Gaither.

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  1. People need to learn how to pay their bills!! Especially when you have a day we that is very much affordable and willing to work with you when you are having hardship. Some ofthese other daycare’s out here would just put your child out and Don care what kind of issues you are having financially. So, for those that’s putting this lady down for trying to communicate and get in contact with this lady that owes money for childcare, need to realize that the other party was ignoring this owner way before she posted it on social media. I know that the owner realizes that it was a bad idea to do so BUT the one that owes money for her keeping her child need to realize she’s not watching kids just because she enjoys here work and love caring for them…she’s also trying to help those that can’t afford these high priced daycares out here…and keep in mind she (the daycare owner) also has bills she has to pay. So STOP trying to down grad this woman because she tried many times to contact this female and help her but she ignored her calls. Stop making the person that didn’t pay her bill out to be the victim. If it was her rent she would be put out with NO exceptions!!!

  2. I hope she loses all her clients and certification and Ms Linsday has taken this to the dhs child care division as well as filed to press charges for cyber bullying and a civil suit


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