Tuesday, June 25, 2024

New Bern mother and daughter sentenced to prison for SCAMMING COVID-19 Housing Program


Word On The Curb… a sketchy mom from New Bern is serving a three-year stint behind bars, while her daughter will be serving one year and three months for pulling a fast one on a COVID-19 housing program meant to assist folks in keeping a roof over their heads during the pandemic.

Seems like 43-year-old Takeeia Hawkins and her 22-year-old daughter Shanasia Hawkins saw an opportunity and ran with it.

According to the feds, they pretended to be landlords with tenants facing rent troubles due to the pandemic, cooked up some fake applications for the NC HOPE Program, and ended up pocketing close to $150,000 in federal funds. And what did they do with the cash? Splurged on gifts and hit the gambling scene, according to the feds.

U.S. Attorney Michael Easley wasn’t having any of it, calling out the duo for preying on those in need. The money was meant to help struggling families make ends meet, not line the pockets of scammers.

The feds spilled the beans that Takeeia and Shanasia copped a plea earlier this year for their little mail fraud scheme.

Other family members are charged and will be sentenced soon

Takeeia and her daughter Shanasia won’t be the only ones trading their freedom for a jail cell soon. Takeeia’s 24-year-old son Jmari Hawkins is also in the mix, having admitted guilt and awaiting sentencing this summer. His crime? Trying to scam the NC HOPE Program out of a whopping $850,000 and pocketing over $250,000 in ill-gotten gains.

Joining them in the hall of shame are 23-year-old Jonell Ojeda and 26-year-old Tevin Evans, who also copped to trying to pull a fast one on the NC HOPE Program.

The NC HOPE Program was a lifeline for North Carolina renters facing eviction and homelessness during the pandemic.



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