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Mother says Durham North Carolina teacher tried to get her daughter to come “chill” with him


A North Carolina mother has called out a Durham, North Carolina, high school teacher for being in her 19-year-old daughter’s dm’s trying to hang out with her.

On Saturday, Crystal Robinson posted to Facebook a thread of messages alleging that a Hillside High School staff member, 37-year-old Damien Dowdy, was trying to invite her 19-year-old daughter, Crystal Monique Cade, over to his home. In the social media post, Robinson called Dowdy a “predator.” The post has since been deleted.

19-year-old Crystal Cade

The private messages posted to Facebook by Robinson between Cade and Dowdy don’t seem to be “predator” behavior, as Robinson alleges, but it does show that he continuously tried to invite Robinson’s daughter over to his home after she told him she had a boyfriend. Dowdy does allegedly tell Cade that if they were to meet, it was to stay between them, to which Cade puts a heart on Dowdy’s message. Cade did agree to hang out with Dowdy, citing that she has a brother in Clayton, North Carolina, where Dowdy lives.

37-year-old Damien Dowdy

Cade tells Dowdy she can hang out with him because although she has a boyfriend, she can still have friends. Dowdy asked Cade when she wanted to come over, how long, and what she wanted to do. And that was all of the messages Robinson posted on Facebook.


Dowdy & Cade Alleged messages. 1 of 3
Dowdy & Cade Alleged messages. 2 of 3
Dowdy & Cade Alleged messages. 3 of 3

The North Carolina Beat briefly spoke with Robinson, who showed us a policy that Dowdy allegedly violated. The policy read, “All employees are prohibited from dating, courting, engaging in inappropriate sexual dialogue, entering into a romantic relationship or having sexual contact with any student enrolled in the school system regardless of the student’s age.” Per our review of the messages, it’s not clear if Dowdy and Cade were “dating” unless there are more messages that reveal more that Robinson did not show.

In the policy, Robinson highlighted “dating,” suggesting that her daughter Cade and Dowdy may have been having more going on than we saw.


Policy sent to us by Robinson

In an Instagram live, Cade spoke about Dowdy, while other girls in the comment said, “Girl, he did it to me too, lol,” while another girl said, “he be catching me in da hallway during ma lunch nd during ma cla*s.”


On Cade’s Instagram, she posted a photo to her story with the caption, “I’m not going straight to college! But I am still wanting a trade for interior design,” to which Dowdy allegedly commented, “maybe we can hang out now lol….what school you going to or your plan after high school.” It’s unknown if Cade responded back or not.


In another Instagram story Cade posted as a photo, Dowdy allegedly comments, “ok…imma kidnap you from Durham for a day then lol…” Cade responds, “That’s cool with me!”


Robinson told The North Carolina Beat that her daughter still attends Hillside High School and graduates on August 9th. Robinson said Cade “had to do summer school in order to get her last credit. So she is technically still a student until she graduates.”

We contacted Dowdy for comment, and he stated that Robinson’s daughter no longer attended Hillside High School “and she is 19”.

Robinson said she is currently working with the district attorney’s office.

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