Mississippi man told police he was being chased and threatened by white men and they did NOTHING

Rasheem Carter

The death of 25-year-old Rasheem Carter draws outrage in Mississippi as police continue their cover-up of Carter’s death.

Rasheem Carter

It seems like Rasheem being a black man, was the reason he did not get help from the Taylorsville Police Department when he asked them if he could stay there because a bunch of white men was threatening him, stalking him, and following him.

The city of Taylorsville is doing everything possible to silence Rasheem’s story and his family’s voice. However, Taylorsville has a force to reckon with because the Carter family tells The North Carolina Beat that they will fight until Rasheem Carter gets justice.

Two days before Rasheem’s disappearance, he told his mother, Tiffany Carter, that he feared for his life and that if anything ever happened to him, his boss was responsible. (THE BOSS IS IDENTIFIED FURTHER DOWN IN THE STORY)

Tiffany Carter told The North Carolina Beat that Rasheem Carter lived in Fayette, Mississippi but was out of town in Taylorsville, Mississippi, contract working with Georgia Pacific. She said that she spoke to her son on Saturday, October 1, 2022, and Sunday, October 2, 2022 and that Rasheem was trying to get a ride from work in Taylorsville back to his hotel in Laurel, Mississippi, where he was staying while out of town working. Tiffany said things took a turn when the co-worker Rasheem usually rode to work with told Rasheem that he could not ride with him anymore.

Tiffany told The North Carolina Beat that when she spoke to Rasheem on Saturday, October 1, 2022, he told her that three white trucks full of white men were chasing and trying to hurt him. She said she told Rasheem to go to the Taylorsville Police Department and tell them what was happening. Tiffany said she was on the phone with Rasheem when he told them three trucks full of white men were chasing him and trying to hurt him, and he needed a ride back to his hotel in Laurel, but the police department said they could not help Rasheem.

Taylorsville Police Department told Rasheem that Laurel was out of their jurisdiction. Tiffany said Rasheem asked if he could stay at the department until someone came and picked him up, and they told him no.

“They told him he couldn’t stay there,” Tiffany said.

Tiffany said she took it upon herself to call the Taylorsville Police Department to find out why they could not help her son, and they lied to her, saying that when her son came into the department, he never said someone was trying to hurt him.

They lied to Tiffany because she was on the phone with Rasheem when he went to Taylorsville Police Department for help.

“I was on the phone with my son when he went into the police department asking for help, “Tiffany said. “They gon tell me he never told them that someone was trying to harm him.”

Tiffany said that after she got off the phone with the Taylorsville Police Department, she called Rasheem back. They conversed, and he told her he was “good.” She said it is their code to let each other know they are alright. Tiffany said that when Rasheem told her he was “good,” she trusted him like always and did not worry.

Where Rasheem stayed Saturday night after he and his mother, Tiffany, hung up is unknown, but Tiffany said she spoke with Rasheem again on Sunday, October 2. She said that Rasheem was still saying that the white men were still following him and trying to harm him. Tiffany said she told Rasheem that she would send her friend girl to pick him up.

“I was in Pennsylvania at the time, so I was far away to get to him but I sent my friend girl to go pick him up,” Tiffany said. “He dropped his location, told me where he was and I had her to go where he dropped his location at.”

Tiffany said that when her friend girl got to where Rasheem dropped his location, he was nowhere to be found.

“So, sometime between 10:46 a.m. October 2 and 4:32 pm, something went on with my son,” Tiffany said. “Between that timeframe, something happened. I never talked to him again.”

On November 1, Smith County Sheriff, Joel Houston, contacted Tiffany and asked if she could identify a body on a hunter’s video in a wooded area just south of Taylorsville. Once Tiffany was shown the body, she told Houston it looked like her son, Rasheem Carter. Tiffany could also identify the body as her son’s because of the belongings also found on him. The following day, the mangled remains of Rasheem Carter were recovered at a deer park off Highway 37, a mile south of Taylorsville.

Tiffany told The North Carolina Beat that from her photos, her son had bruises on the back of his neck close to his hairline, but officials told her that they did not see any bruises on Rasheem. She said police told her they were not downplaying that Rasheem did not have bruises; they just did not see any on him. Tiffany said that when authorities took her to where her son was found, she immediately knew that foul play was involved.

“The area they took me to was like a hunting area and my son don’t hunt, “Tiffany said. “I told them right off the back that some foul play was involved.”

The boss Rasheem was working with in Taylorsville is the same man that The North Carolina Beat identified as 39-year-old Stephen Clements of Pleasant Hill, North Carolina.

Stephen Clements

Tiffany told The North Carolina Beat that she has not been able to physically see her son’s remains and has been unable to lay him to rest because his remains are still with the State Medical Examiner.

The FBI is involved in the investigation, and no arrests have been made in Rasheem Carter’s death. 

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  1. From what I’ve read, it sounds like they lured him out there to kill him. They knew he didn’t have a car, they knew they would have protection from the good ol boys down there, then the co-worker refused to give him a ride to work. So they brought him out there away from safety, away from family and everyone he knew and loved him to have him killed.
    I think they set him up. That’s what all the testimony, facts and circumstances tell me.

  2. I currently work at GP the guy in question still has a contract with GP. He walks around with his head down like he got a lot on his mind. It’s a sad situation but I will tell you from half my coworkers they get silent when he comes around. They whisper when he walks off about this situation. I honestly don’t understand how GP can keep a contract with someone that is facing this kind of crime.

  3. Gearld Jackson u are a awesome person on these cases and them polices lying and cover up for them Caucasian men and his moma went to the police they said that they didn’t see him with no bruises the reason I got on here to leave a comment cause it could of been my daughters no justice no peace no justice no peace say his name rasheem Carter

  4. I’m not understanding why was they chasing him nothing but a lot of white guys following him and his boss told him that he couldn’t really ride with him anymore I can read between lines and it’s a. *** Shame they always killing blacks why is that they know what happen such a tragedy and they chased him and the moma couldn’t identified the body and why did they lie to her and he was talking to his mom then all of sudden his phone drop cover up they are kkk and they don’t like black people I never been racist my daughter is married to a Caucasian man for 3 years so I know it ain’t nothing but file play my condolences and my heart goes out to the family I’m keep them in prayers Lord how mercy God see everything they going to be picking with her next and he was found in a wooded area now Im not dumb or stupid they killed cause he was black and wouldn’t let his moma get his belongs that’s wrong no just no peace no just no peace say his name rasheem Carter the family deserves justice she can’t even see her son’s body to have his funeral I’m in Arkansas but when I seen this on national TV I cried for two my cousin was did like that his moma got 900,000 plus 6,800 for that pain and suffering the officers that did it all them got locked up and the be going to trial soon💔😥💔😥rest in heaven rasheem Carter 🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️

  5. Hi Gerald my name it Tina I watch you on Facebook and on Instagram I love the cases that you talk trying to find out what happened to these people children or men and women I’m with u every day all day

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