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Married Charlotte man bring woman he met at club home and his wife shoots and kill her


A Charlotte woman is dead after being invited to a home by a married man before his wife arrives, shooting and killing her.

51-year-old Stephanie Alexander

Early Tuesday morning, Charlotte police said they received a phone call around 5 a.m. from 51-year-old Stephanie Alexander, who said she had just arrived home near 500 Porter Street and shot a woman who was inside. The victim was identified as 25-year-old Tyra Crosby. Crosby’s mother, Tanya Hoskins, said her daughter met Alexander’s husband at a club but didn’t specify.

She was invited to that home.  I know my daughter wouldn’t have went there knowing it was a married couple or that it was a wife’s home.  She was lured there by the man that was old enough to be her father, says Hoskins.

25-year-old Tyra Crosby

Hoskins said Crosby called her while allegedly being attacked in the home. She says a voicemail from her daughter captured her final moments. The recording is about 8 minutes long of what she says is her daughter “being beat.”

In the voicemail recording, Hoskins said you could hear [they] telling her daughter they would kill her. We assume she also refers to Alexander’s husband, who has not been charged and allegedly told her daughter he would kill her.

It’s about an 8 minute long message of her being beat, tortured you can also hear them telling her that they were gonna kill her, says Hoskins.

Hoskins said she turned the recording over to investigators. She says she wants Alexander to be charged with the murder of her daughter. Alexander was charged with voluntary manslaughter and was booked under a $250,000 bond.

Alexander posted the bond six hours later.

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