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Live-in boyfriend beats girlfriend’s 1-year-old son to death while girlfriend is at the laundromat


A live-in boyfriend in Florida has been found guilty of killing his girlfriend’s 17-month-old child by beating the little boy to death while his mother and her other children were at the laundromat.

On Monday, Enrico Adams was found guilty of first-degree murder while engaged in the commission of a felony, as well as one count of aggravated child abuse resulting in great bodily harm.

What did Enrico Adams do?

According to court documents, on December 1, 2019, at around 11:10 in the morning, 911 received a call from the girlfriend, who was not mentioned in the report. She informed dispatchers that her 1-year-old son was unresponsive in his crib. When first responders arrived, they tried CPR on the infant but noticed a “slightly pink” mucus coming from his nose.

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The infant was also “cold to the touch and had rigor mortis in his limbs.” He was rushed to Tampa General Hospital, where he died upon arrival.

What did investigators learn?

Investigators said photos taken by hospital staff showed the victim with a distended (bloated) abdomen and a circular-shaped bruise on his lower back.

The child’s mother said her son was acting normally the previous day, Saturday, November 30, 2019, until she and her other children left for the laundromat around 5 p.m. She said she left her son at home in the care of her boyfriend, Adams. She said that when she came home later that evening around 7pm, Adams told her that he had bathed the child, fed him, and put him to bed in his crib.

According to WTSP, the mother stated that she did not check on her son again until the following morning. Police said Adams told them a similar story, but he claimed that he was the one who found the child dead in the crib the following morning. When he entered the child’s room, he found the child already deceased. He mentioned that “when I lifted the victim, his arms stayed in the same position.”

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The autopsy determined that the victim died from “massive injuries sustained to his internal organs due to blunt force trauma,” and the manner of death was ruled a homicide.

The victim had lacerations in his pancreas, mesentery and renal vessels as well as fractures to his spine and pelvis in addition to other internal injuries, police said in a press release. wrote.

Following his conviction, Adams faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison.

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  1. If the child was only 17mths old the mother did not know the monster well enough to be living in the home with her kids or even to be left unattended with her in the home and he damn sure should not have been babysitting. They need to start charging these mothers with neglect and endangerment for moving these guys in there homes with there children and having no clue who they are because they didnt even take the time to learn them. This dude wasnt even the father of any of the kids either just a bum with an expired id three outfits one pair of decent shoes and maybe decent ween and boom now he has her place to stay and her car to drive.
    How much dirty clothes did she have that took 6-7hrs to wash and dry and why did she let it get to be that much. I dont like her and I dont think loosing a child was enough for her to learn to stop bringing these men she does not know around her kids moving them in their home and leaving them alone with the kids she is going to do it again.


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