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Kinston NC Assistant Pastor accused of sleeping around with wife’s best friend and church secretary

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Gerald Jackson
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The North Carolina Beat received three emails over the last couple of weeks that accused a Kinston, North Carolina assistant pastor, of passing his penis around in a church he is helping to pastor.

Michael Bland, the assistant pastor to Bishop Richard Blow Sr. of Church of Deliverance located on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. in Kinston, North Carolina, is the man being accused.

Pastor Michael Bland

According to an email from a minister who preached at the church, Bland has been in a sexual relationship with his wife’s best friend and the church’s finance secretary.

The email, which will be posted below, stated that Michael Blandhas been cheating on his wife with multiple women around the church.”

Michael is married to Juanita Bland, and it is said that she doesn’t know that her husband Michael has been stepping in the name of love with other women, but she is about to learn TUHDAY.

Juanita Bland

According to the email, Michael Bland has been sleeping with the church’s finance secretary, Jennifer Neet Ammons, for ten years.

But, what is shocking is that Michael is also accused of sleeping with his wife’s best friend, Tequoia Renee Holloway, and has been for the last three years.

Jennifer is the daughter of the late Pastor Sarah Ammons, who was the assistant pastor of Church of Deliverance before her passing in 2019. After Pastor Sarah passed, Michael became the church’s assistant pastor. According to the email, Michael had been giving Jennifer the dick before she became the finance secretary.

Jennifer Neet Ammons

Michael’s wife best friend, Tequoia is said to have been living with Michael and Juanita at one point in her life. Tequoia is also a co-worker with Juanita and bother work at ECU Health Medical Center in Greenville, North Carolina. It is said that Michael and Tequoia had been having sexual relations in his home shared with his wife, while she would be at work pulling long hours.

Tequoia Renee Holloway

The North Carolina Beat spoke to Michael Bland on Tuesday, and he denied having sexual relations with Jennifer and Tequoia.

That’s straight up false, Michael said. That’s a lie straight off the top.

Michael claimed that Renee was his stepdaughter and confirmed that she did live with him and his wife, Juanita at one point.

When Renee first moved out of her apartment, she came to stay with me and my wife, Michael said. Renee left us after she went out and got her own apartment so she could raise her own son on her own. 

Michael told The North Carolina Beat that he had been pulled in the office by his Bishop, Bishop Richard Blow Sr. about women accusing him of this type of behavior before.

My Bishop has called me in the office before about people making allegations against me and telling me to just be careful who I talk to because they are trying to set me up, Michael said.

Michael also stated that Jennifer hasn’t been to Church of Deliverance for nearly two months because she is now working two jobs.


“Cheating In The Next Room” Email. 1 of 2
“Cheating In The Next Room” Email. 2 of 2

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