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‘Just Keep On Losing’: Kim Zolciak’s estranged husband has to turn over unpaid Rolls Royce



Oops! They can’t afford the car either.? Chile…

Word On The Curb…Kim Zolciak’s estranged husband, Kroy Biermann, has been ordered by a judge to turn over the keys to his Rolls Royce after failing to respond to a lawsuit filed against him by BMW Financial Services.

Kroy Biermann, Kim Zolciak. Prince Williams/Wireimage

According to court documents, Kroy reportedly agreed to pay a total of with monthly payments set at $5,297.64 for three years (2020-2023). However, BMW Financial Services said that Kroy stopped making payments on the luxury vehicle in September 2022.

Several months passed without any response from Kroy to the German company. As a result, a judge ordered that Kroy’s ownership be revoked and that he must surrender the Rolls Royce to the police in Fulton County, Georgia, where he resides.

It’s no surprise that Kroy is having a hard time at the bank amid his pending divorce from Kim Zolciak, former star of Real Housewives of Atlanta. The couple was placed on a federal tax lien after the IRS stated that they owe $1.1 million in back taxes.

The Biermanns are also on the brink of losing their mansion to foreclosure, and it doesn’t seem like Kim is getting her full-time job back at RHOA.

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  1. Kim drained that man dry and Im not talking about his balls.
    I dont think she ever loved him she knew that he played football and money is all she seen so she made sure to attach herself to him for life by having all them babies and got him to legally adopt her two daughters.
    Kroy did not want all that expensive lavish stuff or even the cars that was Kim he didnt even want those big houses that was all Kim she didnt think about what if he got cut or permanently injured and couldnt play anymore. She wanted to stunt and act like she was better than the rest of the ladies and now that she has not only spent all of Kroy’s money but she has driven him into debt as well she want out. Kim is sneaky when it comes to money and men so Im sure she is going to find a way to leave him stuck with all the debt and get a judge to order Kroy to pay at least 10k a month in child support.
    He better find him a good job doing something he has 9yrs left before them twins are 18 and 12 if the go to college.
    She is so bogus and I knew this was going to happen


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