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‘Happy Ending’ lands 3 employees of Breeze Spa in Statesville, NC in jail for soliciting prostitution


‘You want a happy ending?’

Word On The Curb… Three employees at Breeze Spa in Statesville, North Carolina have been arrested for soliciting prostitution their customers, who refused to make a purchase and reported them to the local police.

Breeze Spa on Signal Hill Dr in Statesville, North Carolina.
Breeze Spa on Signal Hill Dr in Statesville, North Carolina.

Breeze Spa employees on Signal Hill Drive arrested for soliciting prostitution

According to the police, 54-year-old Mei Qun Hu, 46-year-old Juhua Wan, and 60-year-old Hong Du were arrested on March 28 after citizens filed complaints against the business. In October 2023, the Statesville Police announced that they had launched an investigation into the spa.

Mei Qun Hu, Juhua Wan, & Hong Du
Mei Qun Hu, Juhua Wan, & Hong Du

Some of the complaints stemmed from inappropriate touching and solicitation of sexual acts during massages. Undercover investigators visited the spa multiple times, and each time they were solicited for sexual services in exchange for money.

Breeze Spa owner also owns A-1 Spa in Monroe, North Carolina

During the police investigation, investigators discovered that the owner of Breeze Spa is also the owner of A-1 Spa in Monroe. Statesville and Monroe police provided mutual aid as authorities discovered similar activities were taking place at the Monroe Spa, which was later renamed Yan Spa.

Mei Qun Hu will appear in court on April 17. Juhua Wan and Hong Du have court dates scheduled for April 29.


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