Sunday, June 23, 2024

Georgia McDonald Employees jump on woman over French fries


I said I WASN’T gon tell nobody, but I just couldn’t keep it to myself….some lady down in Savannah, Georgia, got her a*s whooped from amazing grace to how sweet the sound by a group of McDonald’s employees, and it is said that the fight broke out over some french fries.

But this fight seemed deeper than some cold-a*s soggy McDonald’s French fries.

Was it worth it, was it worth it, was the French fries worth your head hurting??? Cause WE, THE PEOPLE, WANNA KNOW after that lady in the blue hit you upside your head with that hash brown basket.

And you know what…. they may jump you but get you ahold of one of em….them employees were tearing the girl in the red up, but she had ol girl hair and would not let it go.



Would you go behind the counter over some McDonald FRIES?

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  1. When getting pulled, whether by hair, arm etc, never pull back. Always always rush towards them. They never anticipate you going with them therefore knocking them into a wall or them falling backwards then you begin to mollywap them. Theyll let go . 🤣 martial arts move 💁🏽‍♀️

  2. Y’all keep talking about we kings we queens and act like that smh. Get some act right stop being an embarrassment teach y’all’s kids properly then again that’s what this culture is all about.

  3. Black people are their own worst enemy. This is a prime example why we can never get ahead. Damn black people grow up


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