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Florida authorities conducting ‘massive traffic homicide investigation’ after 8 people killed and dozens injured in bus crash


Authorities in Ocala, Florida are conducting a “massive traffic homicide investigation” after a bus carrying migrant farmers was sideswiped by a truck, causing the bus to veer off the road and overturn.

According to Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods, the crash happened on SR-40 in Ocala. A total of 53 people were injured in the crash, with 8 fatalities and 8 others in critical condition.

Florida Highway Patrol reported that just before 6:45 a.m. on Tuesday on SR-40, just west of SW 148 Ct., a Ford Ranger truck collided with the bus in a “sideswiped manner.” The bus then veered off the roadway, crashed through a fence, hit a tree, and overturned.

Officials said the truck, which had been traveling east on SR-40, moved toward the center line and collided with the bus that was traveling west.

“At this point, we are conducting a massive traffic homicide investigation,” Riordan said. “This will be a very lengthy and thorough investigation. I can tell you that it’s going to be probably six months, at least, before we can conclude factually what transpired here today.”

Sheriff Woods said they are believed to be dealing with migrant farm workers, which is very common for their county this time of the year, and he refused to answer any questions regarding their legal status. He told the press that the migrants were “hardworking individuals” and there was “absolutely nothing wrong with them being here.”


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