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Charlotte police looking for man who followed a woman and raped her


Charlotte, North Carolina, police are looking for a man who they say followed a woman and raped her near a hotel on Wednesday night.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police described the Hispanic man as 5’10”, Hispanic, in his mid-20s, with short black hair, and was last seen wearing a baseball cap, light-colored shirt, a floral-patterned neck gaiter, and camouflage shorts. According to police, he may have scratches on his face and neck from his victim.

The unidentified woman was walking in the 200 block of West Woodlawn Road, near several hotels off Interstate 77, according to investigators. According to the woman, she heard footsteps behind her and realized she was being followed.

Sgt. Allison Rooks stated at a press conference Thursday morning that they contacted several businesses to obtain a photo of the alleged suspect. Police stated that several witnesses were nearby during the rape and that they would like to speak with anyone who has information. 


According to Sgt. Rooks, sexual assaults like the one in this incident are rare in Charlotte, and there have been fewer reports of them this year than there were in 2022.

Charlotte police are asking anyone with any information about the man photographed above, to contact police at 704-336-7600.

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