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Charlotte man missing, family says they have not heard from him since May 22


A family in North Carolina has expressed concern over the disappearance of their relative, 40-year-old Shawn Murray, who they have not heard from since May 22, which is not like him, the family said.

According to Taniya Simmons, Shawn’s niece, he typically maintains regular contact with her mother, Alice Murray, who is Shawn’s sister. Shawn was residing in a Charlotte hotel where he was employed, according to Simmons.

Other family members have also reported not hearing from Shawn.

Shawn Murray
Shawn Murray

Despite efforts by the family to locate Shawn, including contacting the Mecklenburg County jail, they have been unable to find any information about his whereabouts. Initially, they were informed that they could not file a missing persons report as they were not the last individuals to see him. However, Shawn’s 19-year-old son was able to file the report on his behalf.

Simmons mentioned that Shawn usually reaches out to them, even if he has to borrow someone else’s phone, but there has been no communication from him since May 22, when he last spoke to Alice. Shawn is described as being between 6’2 and 6’4 in height, with unknown weight and sporting dreadlocks.

For any information regarding Shawn’s location, individuals are urged to contact his sister, Alice Murray, at 980-934-1680.


  1. I pray that God will send angels to locate him in the Name of Jesus. I will definitely be praying for his safe return.

  2. Please if you know anything contact us. We reside in Wadesboro NC , we just want to locate Shawn Murray & bring him home to his family . Again if you know ANYTHING please contact us !


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