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Charlotte girl’s mouth leads her to being brutally assaulted by 1 girl and 4 boys in classrooms


The North Carolina Beat has obtained video footage taken inside a Charlotte, North Carolina, middle school that shows a 13-year-old girl name A’Reyanna Ja’Nyse Burton being brutally beaten after eyewitnesses say she was running her mouth “like she always does.”

A'Reyanna Ja'Nyse Burton

A’Reyanna’s mother, KiKi Burton, ran to Facebook Tuesday to put the alleged students on blast after she alleged that they were “gang members,” and five of them jumped on her daughter while the teacher stood by.

The fight is said to have happened at Kennedy Middle School in Charlotte, North Carolina.

A parent who wishes to remain anonymous told The North Carolina Beat that her child has had problems with A’Reyanna bullying her, threatening to assault her, and A’Reyanna allegedly starts drama with other students in the school.

On Tuesday, the parent said that her child was a witness and that A’Reyanna started with the young lady in the red sleeves seen in the video before four other men jumped in and started assaulting A’Reyanna.

After speaking with a parent of a child in the classroom and speaking to several other students, The North Carolina Beat will not be releasing the names or photos of the students in the video.

The young men and lady who assaulted A’Reyanna should be criminally charged, and so should A’Reyanna.


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  1. I’m not going to say I don’t care what the young lady have been doing if she was talking bad about them other children they should went to their parents and get there parents involved but what I don’t like is when them two females fighting was fighting they should let the female fight for them young boys to jump in they should be ashamed of they self whoever they parents are should raise them better than that you do not put your hand on a female I do not care if they talk bad about you I don’t care if they put there hands on you. You should be a man and walk away fathers you need to start teaching your young boys not putting their hands on female it’s so sad that you cannot send your kids to school and they being bully somebody talking about them cuz they don’t look like the way they look but it’s time for us parents to sit down with our young children and talk to them about bullying and talk about different from other children it’s so sad and I hope this young lady parents press charges against the school and on the boys cause they need to make a point what they did do this young lady I hope these young boys learn you do not put your hands on a female.

  2. She gave them punks a go for their money. That’s sad how those so call boys fought that young lady. It just broke my heart watching that. It took all of them to handle her. I would not want my child in school with lots that act like that.

  3. Wow this is so sad on all levels. Those boys should be locked up. All That was not cause for . Lord help these children. Smh…

    • So embarrassing. So what she was talking smack, that wasn’t called for at all. What boy jumps in on girls fighting. If I was her mom, I would definitely press charges on those boys

  4. This is heartbreaking, look at the young man just sitting at his desk expecting to learn but yet experienced a traumatic experience. I feel trauma watching. I hate the fact kids could hate one another so deeply to bully, or fight so violently. I hate people are blaming the teacher , the school. The teacher teaches she is NOT a referee, he /she whatever I didn’t see a teacher besides the two that came in to break it up. The person standing in front looks to be a student that’s in black. One person COULD NOT control all that, obviously the teacher sent for help, I applaud the young man wearing the black sweat shirt ,blue pants and cross shoulder book bag. For taking several hits as he tried to break the fight up. I hope he wasn’t included as one involved because he was breaking it up and I noticed one boy turned around to swing at him but it keep moving. Someone mentioned the SCHOOL SHOULD BE SUED FOR NOT HAVING ENOUGH SECURITY, keyword “SCHOOL”. this shouldn’t be happening at SCHOOL! that’s a huge part of society problem being enablers and not holding those responsible accountable but placing fault on the faultless. It’s NOT THE TEACHER STOOD BY AND DID NOTHING, ITS THE PARENTS STANDING BY DOING NOTHING WHEN THEY KNOW OF THEIR CHILDRENS BEHAVIORS AT SCHOOL WHEN THE BEHAVIOR IS NOT GOOD BEHAVIOR. Or at home. Start parenting, talk to your child , stop cursing them out as if they were your enemy, stop focusing on your relationships instead of focusing on your child, stop allowing tv and social media raise your child, start taking these phones away at 9pm , let them know this is your phone because it’s modern time , it’s mobile it’s protection , but when you’re home there is a time limit to be on it, discipline creates boundaries, somethings they just won’t do because they have discipline. Stop trying to give the kid what we didn’t have instead of what we did have which was discipline! Create balance!

  5. When I was younger, it was said that North Carolina was a great place to raise children. The devil is a liar, because in the midst of the Shanquella Robinson story and Cabo 6, if parents are raising they’re children to become criminals. No one should even set foot in the State to bring their families, let alone live there. As for the gand that ganged up on this young lady, so what she was mouthy, she could have possibly been defending herself, first by verbage then by hands, but I’m glad she got her licks in. I don’t condone fighting unless one feels there life is in danger, and her was. ✌️

    • The only thing I’ll say is that if you read the article it states that that girl started fights with people all the time. I’m not condoning this but you can’t make up excuses where there are none. By the way I just moved to NC from Connecticut and trust me if you think NC is bad go live up north.

  6. SHIT! Little one was giving them a run. There was No Blood. Her face is still intact. 4 BOYS. THAT’S WHAT THEY ARE

  7. The young boy with the blue on the bk of his hoodie needs to be charged real good. He was punching that girl all in her back and stomping her. All the boys need to be charged especially him. She needs a lawyer. I hope she went to the hospital afterwards to get checked out.

  8. I’m literally in tears…NOT laughing at all! I’m HURT, DISAPPOINTED, & SAD. I don’t know these kids from a can of paint..but whether this child was in the right or wrong, it didn’t take these many to jump her. Those boys…I have no words🤦🏽‍♀️Nobody intervened to help break this up. I don’t care if she handle them all on her own, this situation was still wrong. It still didn’t take that many🥺 I hope everything works out in the end & things are properly handled.

  9. That is absolutely disgusting behavior. Many people are saying “why the teacher didn’t do anything ” ya’ll see that frail teacher she cannot control all thise kids and some of them fear getting jumped on themselves. Hell she thinking they don’t have a problem hitting her why would I be any different. As a mother I am not sure after watching this if I wouldn’t hunt they little asses down myself. This is horrible. Those two girls could have fought frowned upon or not there is absolutely no reason why four boys had to jump in. I hope justice is served to them all. And if she had a mouth running issue hopefully in the future she can tame it down for her own safety and the hearts of her parent(s) who have to deal with the aftermath. Hell to be honest at least it was a fight and no shots was fired.

  10. Really sad that children cannot attend school in order to get their education without being assaulted and experiencing some form of violence, especially in what supposed to be a safe environment. Yes, her parents should sue not only the school for not providing proper security but also the parents of the students involved in that brutal and violent attack for physical; emotional; and mental damages.

  11. Them little boys some p***y lil punks and the girl. I pray that girl get her revenge cause all I see is red tf. Manish mfers

  12. Hope the father do some permanent damage to them pu$$y a$$ 🥷s. I can’t believe what I just seen I’m in NC hour away from her I wanna come down to that school and do some damage to them mfs. So sorry for her I got two daughters her age Smfh .

  13. And she still beat they punk a*s !! Sis held her own all them lol boy pu$$y and need to be charged she beat lil ms piggy @$$ Thts why they mad

    • Yes sis beat they pu$$y a*s really bad and you boy really put your hands and feets on a female smfh that should’ve been my sis let’s go at it round 2 🔔🔔🔔🔔you’re all need to go to jail after she beat your a*s really bad and for Miss piggy lol beat up 🤕 . Just shows you the type kids these people raising these days. Their parents should be held accountable for their behavior and actions

      SAD 😔

  14. The boys should have never jumped in it. They could have broke it up but hitting on her ain’t right. 4 on 1 is never right anyways. Something also needs to be done about that teacher. Didn’t seem like he made any effort at all to deescalate the situation.

  15. Wtf Should She Be Charged And She Was Jumped Them Little Boys Need To Go To Jail For Getting In A Females Fight


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