Cabo 6 gets away in Shanquella Robinson’s case, NO CHARGES WILL BE FILED


The Cabo 6 has gotten away.

No charges will be filed in Shanquella Robinson’s case.

The U.S. Prosecutors met with Shanquella’s family Wednesday and broke the news to them.

United States Attorney Dena King released a statement saying there was insufficient evidence against the CABO 6 to bring criminal charges.

Based on the results of the autopsy and after careful deliberation and review of the investigative materials by both U.S. Attorney’s office, federal prosecutors informed Ms. Robinson’s family today that the available evidence does not support a federal prosecution.

On October 29, 2022, Shanquella was brutally beaten while she was on a trip with so-called friends in Cabo, Mexico.

Khalil Cooke, Malik Dyer, Wenter Donovan, Nazeer Wiggins, Daejhanae Jackson, and Alyssa Hyatt.

The FBI told the family that their autopsy differed from Mexico’s, and because Shanquella Robinson’s body was already embalmed, they could not do a thorough autopsy. 

The FBI acknowledged that Shanquella had brain damage but couldn’t determine her cause of death.

Sources said that the FBI told the family that, according to the witnesses they spoke with, Shanquella agreed to a fight.

Who agrees to fight naked?

The Robinson family will hold a press conference in Charlotte, North Carolina at 1:30 p.m. EST.

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  1. This is awful…believe me the Cabo Six are laughing about this! They are NOT sorry for what they did! I hope she haunts their ever hour…we all make mistakes…Ill bet they haven’t even asked GOD for forgiveness…oh if they did pray is was just that they don’t get sent to prison…”Vengeance is mine saith the Lord”…you have not gotten away with murder CABO 6…believe that.

  2. There was no body in the Holloway case yet this case has video, how could this be ? We’re not supposed to believe this has nothing to do with race? SMH

  3. So she agreed to fight a couple women naked, while a couple guys watched, and took videos! WOW! A white women got attacked in a New York park with no video, no evidence of who did it and 5 black boys went to prison. Who didn’t do it! Even Trumpty Dumpty got evolved. Why is the value of life different!

  4. I can’t believe this shit right here thou, their time will come, nobody gets away with harming, n murdering humble people.

  5. My heart breaks for Shanquellas family. The Good Lord knows all And sees all. Their Judgement will come and it’ll be for eternity, amen

  6. Then they wonder why we don’t trust the justice system, they know damn well what happened to her was murder. If she was a white woman I bet it would have been a different outcome. now because they failed to get Justice for her, would it b wrong for someone to go out and get Justice since they can’t help. But then they will try to charge you for doing something they couldn’t


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