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North Carolina man post $5,000 bond after being caught filming under woman’s dress in Target


A peeping Tom has posted his $5,000 bond after police in Greenville, North Carolina, took him into custody for felony secret peeping. He was caught on camera by another customer recording under a woman’s dress.

The desire is driving these creeps crazy.

The man has been identified as 21-year-old Thomas Ryan Elliott, who was a volunteer at Eastern Elementary School and has since been let go as a result of this incident, according to a statement released by Pitt County Public Schools.

Thomas Ryan Elliott
Thomas Ryan Elliott

Man caught recording underneath woman’s dress in Target in Greenville

In her Facebook update, Audra Marie shared her recent Target adventure in Greenville.

As she strolled through the aisles, she found herself in the baby section hunting for adorable outfits for her grandbaby. But her shopping spree took a bizarre turn when she spotted a man, now known as Elliot, shadowing her, clutching his phone at an odd angle.

Initially, Marie’s mind raced with thoughts of him trying to swipe her info via Bluetooth from her exposed phone. However, her suspicions heightened when she observed him edging closer to another female shopper in the store.

“I decided this was too much of a coincidence and I decided to follow him at a distance,” Marie said in her post.

Marie cleverly placed her phone in the shopping cart’s cup holder to discreetly capture Elliot’s suspicious behavior. She noticed a woman browsing the lower shelves, and when the man approached her closely, she assumed they were acquainted. However, the situation took a disturbing turn when the woman stood up, prompting Elliot to slyly position his phone at an odd angle and sneakily slide it under her dress to snap a photo or video.

Man caught inside Target in Greenville, North Carolina, attempting to record or take a photo underneath a woman's dress.
Man caught inside Target in Greenville, North Carolina, attempting to record or take a photo underneath a woman’s dress.

“I immediately shouted to him and he stood up,” Marie said.

Thomas Ryan Elliott

Security and law enforcement were alerted to the situation.

Greenville police said they received a call about the incident on Monday, at the Target located in the 3000 block of Evans Street.


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