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BUSTED!!! Ms. Holla’s granddaughter-in-law Janice put on blast by woman she tried to scam


Word on the Curb…Ms. Holla’s family is back at it again with their alleged scamming ways, not begging this time.

Ms. Holla
Ms. Holla

It’s sad that after those jokers drained Ms. Holla’s money, which she earned through social media fame, her granddaughter-in-law Janice Williams is now supposedly trying to pull a fast one on another unsuspecting soul.

For those not in the know, Janice was always hovering around Ms. Holla, looking for a handout, often seen cozying up to her step-mother, Michelle Williams, who had the keys to Ms. Holla’s cash vault.

Janice Williams

Just last night, a woman named Tamika Boswell put Janice on blast. She claimed that last month, she ordered perfume from Janice for $17-20 and had to repeatedly reach out to Janice regarding the product.

In a screenshot obtained by The North Carolina Beat on March 25, Janice sent Tamika a message informing her that she had received her order and was preparing to ship it. Twelve days later, there is still no product or any further contact from Janice regarding Tamika’s order.

On April 6, Tamika sent Janice a message via Facebook Messenger inquiring about her products as she had not received them yet.

Janice did not respond to Tamika’s message on April 6. Three days later, on April 9, Tamika reached out to Janice again, saying, “Hey Jan, trying to see what’s going on.”

To Tamika’s surprise, Janice responds back on April 11, claiming that her “admin” was on her account and not her, which is why she didn’t see Tamika’s message. Janice then said that Tamika’s order was processed and she included something extra in the shipment for Tamika.

It seems like Janice did not have any intention of sending Tamika her products, just keeping her money, but Tamika kept reaching out. When has it ever taken 15 days to send a box of perfume? LMAO!

Six days have passed since Janice responded on April 11th, and as of April 17th, Tamika still had not received her product from Janice. At around 7:33 p.m. on the 17th, Tamika contacted Janice again via Facebook Messenger, asking her to get in touch because she had still not received her order.

Later that night, Janice finally responded and claimed that she had shipped Tamika’s product. She mentioned that she would provide a tracking number once it was available. However, anyone who has shipped products to someone knows that the tracking number is usually provided on the receipt at the time of shipment.

Obviously, this scammer didn’t think her plot through all the way before she was caught red-handed trying to scam the hard-working Tamika.

Check out the conversation below:

Facebook messages between Janice & Tamika.
Facebook messages between Janice & Tamika.
Facebook messages between Janice & Tamika.
Facebook messages between Janice & Tamika.
Facebook messages between Janice & Tamika.
Facebook messages between Janice & Tamika.

After Tamika hit send on her final message, Janice hit the block button, leaving Tamika no choice but to air her grievances in a fiery Facebook post. She didn’t hold back, calling out Janice for pocketing her cash without delivering the goods.

In the wee hours of Thursday night, Tamika spilled the tea to The North Carolina Beat that Janice had finally coughed up the cash she sneakily tried to stash away, all because folks were onto her shady antics.

This isn’t the first rodeo for Janice; she’s been accused of shady dealings before, like that time she crowdfunded for dental work but still rocks a smile that could double as a wind tunnel.


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