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Bus driver ambushed and beat after student call her mom and sister to jump on the driver


Say it ain’t so! The teachers aren’t safe, and the damn bus drivers aren’t, either. I don’t know whether to feel sorry for the bus driver or not. Although I agree that these kids are out of hands, you can’t just threaten people’s children and think they are not going to pull up on you.

It was a bad day for one bus driver in Baton Rouge, Louisiana after an altercation with a student on the bus led to her being brutally beaten by the student’s mother and sister. The fight was horrible, but the bus driver brought some of this on herself.

In the video obtained by The North Carolina Beat, you will see the bus driver standing up and arguing with the student.

You play with me, you’ll get touched, the bus driver said to the student.

I don’t care, the student said back to the teacher. Do your best job to drive this bus.

Telling a child that if they play with you, they will get touched is a threat. Now, I’m not justifying this a*s whooping, all I’m saying is the bus driver kinda aided in her a*s whooping. The teacher also called the student ignorant.

As the video continues, the bus driver and the student continues roasting each other.

The bus driver started talking about what kind of car she drive and the student responded back on the type of vehicle her mom drivers. IT’S A HOT A*S MESS!

2023 truck, you see that?, the teacher said to the student. I bet yo mamie ain’t driving it.

Again, the bus driver is roasting…talking about the girl mama.

The student responded to the teacher, saying she would call her mama to beat her up.

B***h, I’ll call my mama and she’ll come up here and bust yo shit, the student said to the bus driver.

To which the bus driver told the student to “CALL HER”.


The video above shows you how it all started, and consider the words that the bus driver used against the student… you will understand why the little girl called her mama and sister to fight the bus driver.

In the fight video below, the student also got a few licks on the bus driver’s head from behind.

The student’s mother and sister can be seen approaching the bus. The bus driver opens the door, and as soon as the two women step on the bus, the mother says, “You threatening my motherfucking kid life” and proceed to beat the bus driver. The student then runs from behind the bus to fight the bus driver with her mother and sister.


One person has been charged with attacking the bus driver.

18-year-old Carlicia Lewis was arrested and charged with second-degree battery of a school bus driver and contributing to juvenile delinquency.

The bus driver had multiple injuries to her head, neck, and shoulder area.

Unidentified Bus Driver

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  1. This why the kids bad. I would never work in a school or anything to do with kids on the bus. These are the folks that make our race look bad.

  2. 😹😹😹 down goes Frazier… Like Marty Mar Says “ You Brought This On Yourself”… Bus Driver bragging about a new expensive car that got a car note attached to it… Mama wasn’t riding in a 23 but gave the bus driver a 2023 a$$ whipping

  3. Sorry to say but the bus driver pretty much asked for that!! Arguing with this disrespectful P.O.S then you open the door, remain seated and accept that butt whipping🤦🏾‍♀️ Play stupid games win stupid prizes. Someone has to be the adult

  4. This was so wrong! Jumped by three overweight man b***h gangsters. She didn’t have a chance. And her stupid a*s just sat there and waited for them to show up?!!!! Seriously. Yeah she asked for that a*s whoopin. She should have just drove to the depot and went home, let everyone cool off.

  5. Make it make sense ! First mistake NEVER argue with a student. Second raising voice, making threats (both).Third student does not respect authority, ill mannered.Fourth bus driver should have drove back to the school with her mouth shut. Fifth ALL of this occured with other students on the bus. Sixth appearantly this student has been trained in this behavior. Seventh mother and sister should have NEVER approached that bus. Why oh why did the driver open the door? She should have drove off back to the school 😞 There is NEVER ANY reason to put your hands on another person. And did I hear the student say to ” let her get one in”??? Student needs to be charged, stay in a juvy facility, mother and sister need to be charged, bus driver should be dismissed. Also students right to ride the bus should be taken away. I am Retired from school system . Thank God 🙏

  6. Now that’s that THUG LIFE Tupac has tatted on his chest!! As a former bus driver, it’s not a path I would have gone down. That was special education right there.

  7. I don’t agree with the bus driver threatening a child like that but these teenagers are disrespectful asf ! Now the mother needs to be charged also, and the fact that ya’ll chicken heads jumped her says alot about yall!


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