Friday, June 14, 2024

74-year-old woman found alive at funeral home in Nebraska dies again just hours later


So get this – a 74-year-old lady, Constance Glantz, was declared dead not once, but twice!

First, a nursing home said she was gone, then she was sent off to a funeral home where they discovered she was actually still kicking. But alas, poor Constance has now passed away for real this time at 4 pm on Monday, as confirmed by Chief Deputy Ben Houchin.

Lancaster County Attorney Pat Condon wasn’t having any of this confusion and ordered an autopsy to get to the bottom of things at 10 am on Tuesday. It’s like a real-life soap opera!

After all the drama, it turns out that Glantz was mistakenly sent to the Butherus-Maser & Love Funeral Home in Lincoln, Nebraska, while she was still very much alive. A sharp-eyed employee noticed she was breathing and immediately dialed 911 around 11:44 am.

Butherus-Maser & Love Funeral Home in Licoln, Nebraska.
Butherus-Maser & Love Funeral Home in Licoln, Nebraska.

The nursing home that first declared her deceased was The Mulberry Nursing Home in Waverly, where they had been expecting Glantz to die as she was in hospice.



  1. I guess they figured she would be dead by the time the the funeral home staff got to her huh…. I hope her family sue and take ownership of that place and restaff them all.


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